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Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur doing business in Albuquerque or the surrounding areas and would like to learn more about how to market your business AND make more money doing it?

There are 2 things that separate extremely successful entrepreneurs and business owners from everyone else.

1. They’re always learning and

2. They implement what they learn.

If you’re ready to join their ranks, join me and our guest speakers for the Marketing, Media, &

Money™ Meet-up...

I have learned in my business that the ONE thing that I am willing to pay the most for is the thing that will shorten my learning curve.

And that’s what I’m offering you. A chance to shorten YOUR learning curve. A chance to move from activity to productivity. From unfocused action to laser focused results.

Are you ready to learn how to:
Market your business to get the greatest return with the least amount of effort?
How to utilize the media AND social networking to build a tribe of raving fans who want to invest in your products and services?

Use content marketing to attract your ideal clients and promotional partners?

How to monetize your business by leveraging your connections and influence?

If so, then I invite you to become an active member of our meet-up where we will bring in guest speakers, have Webinars, Mixers, Workshops, Live Events and more.

You may be asking, who is Patty Farmer? Let me introduce myself...

I recently moved to Albuquerque from Dallas, TX and as an entrepreneur myself I want to be involved and to serve my local community. They say, timing is everything. Just as I was looking through Meet-up for places to join I came across this meet-up just as Stacy was deciding to step down as organizer. In Dallas, I had my own meet-up which had over 2800 members.You can check it out here. http://www.meetup.com/BizLink

A little about me...

My name is Patty Farmer and I am referred to internationally as the Networking CEO. My company is Patty Farmer International, Inc. and I am also the founder of BizLink Media Group. By trade, I am a Marketing Strategist, International Speaker, Author, Event Producer and Radio Show Host.

What I do: I work with lifestyle entrepreneurs, small business owners and speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients 24/7 so they can make a bigger impact in the world, and even bigger deposits in their bank account.

I have created a network of 100,000 + connections while teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers & authors to connect, collaborate and convert in less time and make more money while designing the lifestyle they want to live.

I believe we all have a message and my mission is to help YOU master, market and monetize that message in a way that creates transformation for both you and your clients.

A little social credibility since you don't know me from Adam...

Awarded “Social Media Influencer of the Year” 2014

Named “International Collaborator of the Year” 2014

Finalist “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2014

Awarded “Life-Changer of the Year” 2013

Named “Best Business Brand of the Year” 2012

Awarded “International Women’s Day” Service Award for Business 2011

Awarded “Best Business Connector in Dallas” 2010

Enough about me... How may I serve you?

Have questions, topics you would like to hear at our meet-up, would like to speak or suggest someone who would be perfect? Please feel free to call me at 972.603.8209 and let's connect on social media and continue the conversation.

www.Facebook.com/PattyFarmerCEO (http://www.facebook.com/PattyFarmerCEO)

www.Twitter.com/PattyFarmer (http://www.twitter.com/PattyFarmer)


www.Pinterest.com/PattyFarmerCEO (http://www.pinterest.com/PattyFarmerCEO)





I hope to meet you soon.

Stay tuned, we will be rolling out some exciting stuff!!

To YOUR Success,


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