What we're about


• Everybody's goal is 'COMMUNICATION'. Simply put, it's ... people talking to other people. And creating 'rapport' in that process!

• Networking Groups & Meetup Groups & all the Social Media & Email Lists, are nothing more than ... people talking to other people ... which is COMMUNICATION! See? Easy-peasy!


• ONE - Providing Pre-Sold Leads & Referrals From/Via The Community.

• A.) Know what you do and how to communicate that; no worries, we'll show you what that means and exactly how to say it.

• B.) You give leads, you get leads and referrals by being an active participant and member of this group.

• TWO - Marketing Strategies/Teaching: With A Focus On Attraction-Based Internet Marketing & Network Marketing


• You learn the 'why', so you can implement the 'how'.

• We teach the concept of YOU, Inc. & YOU.com ... how social media and various websites play into how you brand yourself and expand your reach, as it pertains to internet marketing. Network marketers can do the same, so can local brick and mortar type businesses. Everybody networks. In fact, the internet, is just one big gigantic 'network'. Who's in the network? People.

• Lots of tools in the toolbox, let's learn how to use them ... while we network our way to success! Be sure to bring lots of business cards! Big Al says, "Most people do Network Marketing everyday, they just don't get paid for it." Well, let's turn that upside down!

• We embrace all marketing styles and business models, i.e. Business Enterprise, Direct Seller, Affiliate Marketer, Network Marketer, MLM Marketer, and any other type of marketer not on this list. What genre we choose to market in, is what we'll discuss, what do we offer to the end user, and how do we benefit them.

• WHO: Business Enterprise | Direct Seller | Affiliate Marketer | MLM Marketer

• HOW: Social Networking | Content Marketing | Paid Marketing | Prospecting | Additional Strategies

• WHEN: Mondays - Boca Raton | Tuesdays - Coral Springs | Wednesdays - Ft. Lauderdale | Thursdays - Online-TBA


• Anyone from novice to professional, who wants to get in on the discussion, get more knowledge or share your knowledge, give back to the person in startup, to the entrepreneur, or the bootstrapper. We'll be discussing, teaching and sharing, know-how and strategies revolving around ... internet marketing & network marketing.

• It's the how-to, the tools and training, that everyone needs to market smarter. If it's related to network marketing & internet marketing and social media ... we are all about harnessing that potential. There are an estimated 1.7 billion people online today, and that number is only growing.


• No Fee To Be A Member.

• You give leads, you get leads and referrals by being an active participant and member of this group.

• You join a group like ours because we teach the how-to & the hands-on. We offer support and pre-sold leads and referrals via this community of business people. Be a part of the team, get in where you fit in, share yourself, share your knowledge! This is how we all learn & grow!

• When you align with persons who are out there in the mix, marketing and connecting with others just like you, you'll gain a sense of connectedness, and you'll pick up tips, tricks, ideas and suggestions, inspiration and motivation that often occur when a group of like-minded folks gather together.

• The focus is on attraction-based, network marketing & internet marketing and developing new and integrative ways to engage the target market. The attitude feels something like this ... "Hey we're doing X, it's great fun, come on over and join us, we'd love to have you visit for a bit. You are so very welcome, bring a friend if you like, see you there."

• No matter what your business model is, we are all looking for the same things, more traffic, more clients, more leads, more reps, and more cash flow. Does that sound like you?

• Well then, ... let's Meetup and compare notes!

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