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“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” ~ David Packard

As a small business owner:

• Do you want to increase your revenues? (Are you ‘stuck’ in revenues?)

• Do you want predictable revenues? (Have you grown organically, but your revenues are not predictable?)

• Do you want to attract your greatest customer? (Would you like to close Customers who are profitable?)

Gain key insights as you are led through a process of thinking strategically about your company and its revenue objectives.The workshop leader will coach you in creating an individualized strategy and a realistic implementation plan that is right for you and your customer base. Optimizing your marketing spend as well as tracking the effectiveness of various campaigns and programs is made possible by adopting different types of technology solutions. Learn how to evaluate, adopt and implement these technologies.

GoBeyond Online's day-long workshop on Marketing Strategy and Implementation will help you discover and define:

• Your company’s objectives

• How your organization will successfully engage with customers, prospects and competitors in the market

• How to think strategically about the market you're in

• Why you're in that market

• What you're trying to accomplish in that market

• Gain a strategic view of your organization's "brand"

• How to get the best ROI


Session 1: Defining the objectives - Identify and focus on that part of the funnel that will enahnce your revenues significantly
Session 2: Defining the space/playing field - Find that sweet spot where your customer and product intersect
Session 3: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU are not bad words - Explore some of the popular marketing strategies used and define those that will benefit you and your company the most
Session 4: 90 day action plan - Create a detailed action plan identifying resources and metrics to measure success and create a project with timelines and people responsibilities.
In short, you will create a plan for your company that:

Outlines what marketing means for you and what it means to be a marketer
Identifies the components of a well-defined marketing plan and how it might influence overall business strategy for you
Creatse and communicates the value of your brand
Helps you perform a market analysis and learn to apply research to a marketing initiative to get to your target audience and build a ‘buyer persona’
Teaches you how to apply the concepts of targeting and positioning to a product or service
Identify new marketing channels and learn how to communicate value to potential consumers, converting them to long-term paying clients

Cost of workshop: $299

For more details, go to: https://gobeyondonline.com/ or https://gobeyondonline.com/cal/msw-ip-apr28/

Note: Please register early since we have a limited number of seats available!


Abhijeet Vaidya
CEO and Chief Strategist

Abhijeet brings over 20 years of experience in the IT industry to OpenTech. He played a key role in fostering partnerships with companies such as Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks, Autodesk, IBM, Wells Fargo, and more. He has developed over 500 projects in diverse fields such as manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, fitness, healthcare, IT training and has managed production of over 5,000 hours of content. Abhijeet earned a BS in Mathematics from the University of Pune after studying for two years at the National Defense Academy in India.

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