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What we're about

We face a unique challenge when it comes to marketing our cannabis businesses online

Although the state of California has made recreational consumption of marijuana legal, the federal government has yet to see the light

Because of this remarkable dichotomy, Google and Facebook are playing it safe and refusing to take any paid advertising from the marijuana industry

Besides refusing paid advertising, Google blocks marijuana-related keyword searches in its powerful Keyword Planner tool

So how do we attract free, targeted traffic to our marijuana business websites?

The most effective method available is search engine optimization (SEO)


Now if you’ve never heard of SEO, no worries – we’ve got you covered

If you’re an expert at SEO, you’re welcome too

Regardless of your existing knowledge of online marketing, this meetup is for you

Join us for lively discussions about marketing cannabis businesses online

The focus is primarily SEO for cannabis-related businesses but any topic about online marketing is fair game

Just come with an open mind, a friendly spirit, and a willingness to participate


The Potential for Free Traffic

Are you aware that every month about 33,000 people type “weed dispensary near me” into Google’s search box?

They also perform 27,000 searches for “THC oil” and 170 searches for “cannabis infused food” every month

Since Google and Facebook won’t let us pay to put our business in front of these people, how do we let them know that we exist?

How do we capture our share of these consumers when they are searching for our products and services?

Fortunately, the answer to these questions is simple

We have to optimize our websites so potential customers can find our business when they are searching online

If we are targeting local consumers we need to implement local SEO tactics

If our target market is national, we need to implement SEO strategies that reach outside our local area


There’s a lot of mystery surrounding SEO and online marketing but it’s really not that complicated

These meetups will bring the “secrets” out into the light for open discussion

If you want to attract free, targeted traffic to your marijuana business website, be sure and attend all of the upcoming web-based meetups

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