ROCK your Powerful First Impression - Resume, Interview, Networking & Beyond


You only have one first impression…so how do you make yours ROCK?

Career Coach Vicki Aubin will share very simple but critical strategies and practices from her experience as a former recruiter and headhunter, that when applied properly, will help you make a rockstar first impression, distinguish yourself strong, and win fans in your resume, cove letters, job interviews, networking and across all your professional endeavors.

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If you experience any of the following, this event is for you:

*Do you job applications constantly fall into the dreaded black hole?
*Do you wish you knew how to capture the attention of employers and recruiters instantly?
*Do you wonder exactly what to highlight in your resume and cover letters for the most impact?
*Do you wish you knew what key traits interviewers are looking for from you?
*Do you wish you knew how to navigate networking strategically and with impact?

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Here’s a staggering fact:

Recruiters/hiring managers spend on average just 5-7 seconds on a resume before deciding its fate. And that’s why the first impression your resume makes is so critical…and you only have ONE first impression.

Whether you are a student, new grad, an experienced professional or a career changer, NY Career Meetup is here to help you remove these obstacles and position yourself for success.

In this workshop you're going to learn immediately actionable, super-powered steps from inside the mind of recruiters and employers that are going to help you make a powerful first impression in your resume, interviews, networking and beyond.

*The 3 critical things you must do in every interaction with an employer
*How to make your resume capture their attention immediately
*How to assume the identity of a rockstar candidate
*How to prepare SMART for interviews and stand out instantly
*How to overhaul your networking mindset to make it work FOR you
*Rockstar candidate Behavior and communication do’s and don’ts
*How to optimize your personal brand for career success

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About Vicki Aubin

Vicki Aubin ('The Rockin’ Career Coach') is a career transition and personal branding consultant who helps career rebels reinvent themselves. After launching her career in the music industry, Vicki spent over a decade in HR and Recruiting at Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte & Touche and Morgan Stanley before launching her own career consultancy.
Fusing her love of music with personal branding, marketing communications and career development, Vicki has helped global professionals across a wide range of industries become job search rock stars and transition to new careers they love. Vicki has served as an interview coach at NYU Stern School of Business and Rutgers Business School, and is currently a Career Coaching Manager at The Flatiron School, where she has helped 100s of graduates launch new careers.

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