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This is Steven Groves, new group owner for the Marketing Talent Charlotte MeetUp group.

Today (Sunday April 29, 2018) I received notice from that the group was going to be dropped from Meetup and was asked if I wanted to take up & maintain the group. I spoke with my partners at Green Cell Media and we agreed to do so!

What Does It Mean, "take up & maintain the group?" - I dunno for sure, but I would want all the group members to be a part of the answer. My company, Green Cell Media, is more than happy to be a sponsor and provide the funding for the Meetup Group, but the real success of the group will be up to all of us.

What I've learned in my time in digital and social media marketing is that groups live & die by the will of the group with the nurturing of the sponsors & people who manage it.

The Vision. Marketing is more than shooting form the hip, it does take talent. So initially I'm thinking we may keep the name as Marketing Talent - Charlotte, but give it a different meaning. I'd like to see if we can make it an online community for the best & brightest marketing talent in Charlotte / Charlotte USA!

How Can I Get My Voice Heard? I'll be sending out an email to the group here in a bit and asking for your thoughts & input. Reply back, post a comment in the discussion area, volunteer as a coordinator & help out.

Do y'all want to hold local meetups? Tell me Why? Networking with other marketers is awesome, but it does not often lead to more revenue - so not sure we can network to make money off one another. Another reason though is to share expertise - competition can be a hard between marketers, but we all are agents of change, so maybe professional development would be a good focus - not the expensive AMA kind of stuff, but we might go after researching and discussing Open Source on tools, tactics, and resources.

As a group, we might go after vendors who want to sell to marketers is another idea - regardless of what I come up with though, I'd want everyone to get the point that if the group is going to have a life, in my world that means that the group would be able to give a voice to what you want and be a part of making it happen.

Ready for another chapter to be written for Marketing Talent - Charlotte? Come on in! The water's warm & welcoming...

Socially Yours,
Steven Groves
CEO / Green Cell Media

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