What we're about

Welcome fellow Nerds and Creative People. While other groups often focus primarily on a single activity (board games, video games, film, writing, etc.), this group will unite people (nerds) who share common interests so that we can partake in a range of activities together.

Do you enjoy the following?

1) Movies (think: Pi, Requiem for a Dream, 2001, Usual suspects, Red Violin, Pulp fiction, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, NOT: Transformers)

2) TV shows & Documentaries (Lost, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Zeitgeist, Suits, etc.)

3) Video Gaming (bonus if PS4)

4) Writing (short stories, fiction, non-fiction)

5) Creating YouTube videos

6) Social Psychology

7) Social Drinks / Dinner

8) Filmmaking (short films)

9) Intellectual Discussions / Debating (not formally, just over drinks/dinner)

10) Poker (Texas Hold'em)

11) D&D

12) Astronomy

13) Leadership/Entrepreneurship/Self-Improvement

14) Science / Physics / the Universe

15) Humanism/Agnosticism/Atheism

16) SciFi / Fantasy

17) Other creative hobbies

Again, there are already existing groups if you enjoy any one or two of these activities. However, we would like to engage in a variety of interests, so please join only if you are interested in at least 6 of the above topics. If you're like us, you probably have a circle of friends, most of whom probably do not share in many of these "nerdy" interests/hobbies. We're hoping to create a circle of friends with similar interests and hobbies to hang out in the Markham and surrounding area.

To join the group, simply let us know which of those topics (at least 6 please) interests you, and what city you live in, and what you are hoping to get from the group.

What will we do? Movie nights, dinner & drinks, gaming, and engaging in the other interests above.

Past events (4)

1st Live Meeting (at a Markham Restaurant Patio)

The Duchess Of Markham

2nd Meet n' Greet - Online (Google Hangouts)

Online event

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