What we're about

Thank you for your interest in our special group of 60 year old and better dynamic professionals who desire a fulfilling, exciting, committed relationship.


Our members have a unique, positive perspective on marriage and committed relationships. The members of this innovative group welcome the opportunity to connect face-to-face with fun loving, very active 60 year old and better professionals who currently reside in Michigan and have a current MI driver license or ID card.

If you feel being in a committed relationship is important and you understand the health benefits, social advantage and emotional wellness experienced in a rewarding, loving relationship you will certainly enjoy our group and our discussions. If you desire a sincere life partner who will love and support you through the highs and lows of life, love, family, career and life goals we welcome you to become a valued member.

Our members have already devoted a bit of time and energy that's necessary to learn how to be a loving, supportive and exciting partner. Being an active member in our discussions will further enhance your ability to generate and sustain the best relationship.

Our members have come to a point in their lives where they are no longer bitter sad or angry about past relationships. This is a safe, very enjoyable way to meet men and women at our discussions who share the same values, interests and relationship perspective.

All of us in the group realize we can't meet that special someone if we sit at home or just post our profile throughout the internet. Our single members have heard of the perils of online dating with the profile photos that are 10 years old. It's increasingly difficult for busy 60 and better professionals to meet sincere, emotionally healthy people who share their desire for a fulfilling, fun and exciting relationship that has the potential to lead to marriage.

Our members will actively support each other in our relationship goals as we thoroughly enjoy relationship discussions and also fun events/activities. Our group organizers will assist in making introductions at our discussions and events to make everyone feel welcome. If you have a friend, relative, neighbor or colleague who would be interested in our group please let them know about us!!

On the advice of a very experienced relationship therapist we ask that divorced individuals have been divorced for a minimum of one year and widowed individuals have been widowed for 1 to 2 years. We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our events! You're welcome to attend one event to see what we're all about before joining. ***Members are automatically removed from the group after one year of zero event attendance.

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