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The virtue & integrity of the friends you choose and the people who surround you will eventually have a greater impact on your marriage than you think...

"Marriage is a complex & important relationship that encompasses every area of life. Yet, despite this fact, most couples get married with little or no preparation, & continue on that way. They give their marriage far less preparation than they would give any other life-changing event. Most married people spend more hours on computer training than they do on developing their marriage skills." - Jimmy Evans

"What you surround yourself with eventually leaks into your marriage system." - Ngina Otiende

To help your marriage: "Build healthy friendships with other couples. Having other couples to hangout with is really crucial. Without friends, our marriage becomes an island. And if you have ever seen an episode of Gilligan’s Island, LOST, or the movie Castaway – then you know two things, (1) being on the island is boring (2) everyone wants to get off the island."

"Friendships strengthen and shape us - our need for them doesn't evaporate when we marry. Sure, things change - and they ought to! But we lose out, as a couple, if we think marriage supplants ALL our friendship needs." - K Trujillo

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