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Learn to Keep Your Marriage Happy & the Love Flowing!

These are busy, stressful times for married couples. People need Skills to understand each other, communicate effectively and lovingly repair disagreements. You can attend with or without your spouse. Come check out the info, and bring the news home to your partner.

I'll share several practical skills and tips you can put into action right away, and, I'll let you know about courses that you can take with me later.

Some of My Programs:

- Mysteries of Men and Women revealed... we are wired differently!

- Discover Your Temperament: Love Flows Much Easier When You Understand How Each of You is Hard Wired for Loving. Very practical, and super helpful. Myers Briggs Personality Indicator for Marriage & Parenting

- Sex: Keeping Hearts Open & Monogamy Hot!

- Collaborative Marriage Skills: This is an award winning program that helps you communicate & connect with your spouse. stop fighting, and deepen loving. Over 700,000 couples have learned these skills over the past 30 years. You'll discover a practical set of talking & listening skills, plus conflict resolution and decision making that's simple, and powerful.They work!

- Soul Centered Marriage. For those who see themselves as Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience. Infuse your marriage with tools to ground spirituality into everyday and Uplift your life as a married couple and family.

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