Inaugural Mars Home Planet Meetup at HP Headquarters

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1501 Page Mill Road · Palo Alto

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HP, Inc. HQ - Building 3

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Mars Home Planet Inaugural Meetup

As you know, the HP Mars Home Planet initiative ( is to ideate and to ultimately build a virtual colony on Mars that we can all experience in VR.

If you haven't already done so, please sign up (

The submission deadline for Phase 1: Concept is October 15th, 2017.

More details here ( regarding the first phase challenge and the rewards.

Sean Young (HP) will be going over the details of the submission process. Exactly what the program is looking for, what is required for submission, etc.

Dr Robert Zubrin ( - (President, Founder of Mars Society ( will be giving a talk about their amazing efforts to colonize Mars.

Ryan Holmes - (SpaceVR ( Founder and CEO)

SpaceVR is automating all tasks by collecting zettabytes of data from it's remote VR controlled general purpose avatar, Human. Their initial focus is on extremely biohazardous earth jobs, working their way up to space.

"We see Human as the future of space exploration. Currently it costs $200m per year to maintain one astronaut in space. We can do the same for $1m per year. Increasing our ability to do space science and space exploration by 200 times."

Their first VR satellite, Overview 1, launches on SpaceX CRS 14 early 2018. Bringing VR space travel to the world as early as March 2018.

PANEL - "Mars Exploration"

Dr. Chris McKay ( - Panel Moderator

Chris is a senior scientist with the NASA Ames Research Center. His research focuses on life in extreme environments and the search for life on other worlds in our Solar System. He is also actively involved in planning for future Mars missions including human exploration. Chris been involved in research in Mars-like environments on Earth, traveling to ice-covered lakes in Antarctica, permafrost in the Siberian and Canadian Arctic, many deserts including the Atacama, Namib, & Sahara Deserts to study life in these extreme environments. He was a co-investigator on the Huygens probe to Saturn’s moon Titan in 2005, the Mars Phoenix lander mission in 2008, and the Mars Science Laboratory mission, in 2012.

Darlene Lim ( - (Principal Investigator, NASA) Darlene has served on a number of NASA MEPAG (Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group) . Passionate about identifying best practices for human scientific exploration on Mars.

Carol Stoker ( - (NASA) Carol Stoker is a planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. She received her B.S. in Physics from University of Utah and Ph.D in Planetary Science from the University of Colorado. She is a founder of the Mars Underground movement that advocates for human exploration and settlement of Mars, and a founding member of the Mars Society with that same goal. Her scientific research focuses on developing the tools and science strategy to search for life on Mars. She did pioneering research in the 1990’s in use of Telepresence and Virtual Reality as aids for exploring remote environments with robotic systems. Virtual Reality terrain visualization she helped develop were first used on Mars Pathfinder, the first rover mission to Mars in 1996, opening the way for related visualization software to be used on all subsequent Mars rover missions. She has led field experiments in the Antarctic, arctic, undersea, Spain, and deserts in the southwestern US to demonstrate robotic systems that pave the way to searching for life on other planets. Carol was a Co-investigator on the Mars Phoenix mission that landed near the North pole of Mars in 2008, and sampled subsurface ice to search for a habitable environment. She led the synthesis of the mission results to show that the environment is habitable and warrants a follow up mission to search for modern life.

Pascal Lee ( - (SETI (

Dr Pascal Lee is chairman of the Mars Institute, senior planetary scientist at the SETI Institute, and director of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project on Devon Island, Arctic. His research focuses on Mars, its moons, and the future human exploration of Mars. He is based at NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, CA. He is the author of Mission: Mars (Scholastic).

Chantelle Baier - (National Space Society ( - "The importance of beauty and design that surrounds us on Earth and how we can implement this when planning Mars Colonization"

Chantelle is Managing Partner of 4Space LLC, a consulting company that brings commercial brands into the space industry. She has educational and professional backgrounds in science, space, and fashion. Chantelle is Regional Director of the National Space Society.

Jonathan Knowles ( (Autodesk) - as Autodesk's, Explorer in Residence, Jonathan has been ad advisor to the CEO and CTO of Autodesk for 13 years. A respected voice on future trends, long-range vision, and creating the preferred future, Jonathan counsels start-ups, global business leaders, policy makers, and tier-one academics around the world. With a focus on ocean science, climate change, space systems, robotics, biotechnology, archaeology, and paleoanthropology, he participates in fieldwork with others across the globe to help understand and preserve our past, and solve some of the world's most complex challenges.


Julian Reyes (FMG Labs) - Mars2030 VR Experience ( If you haven't tried it, you're in for a treat. Check out this detailed write-up ( on the experience.

To quote the Mars Society website:


The exploration and settlement of Mars is one of the most daring and audacious human endeavors of our time.

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