What we're about

Mars Nation is a series of events where like-minded enthusiasts and experts collaborate to solve grand space exploration challenges.

We believe that anybody passionate about space travel can create meaningful solutions to Mars colonisation problems with a little bit of help from experts.

We will learn from neuroscientists about mental health in the isolated environment, collaborate with architects on prototyping habitat, and discover what humanity needs to do to build a colony on Mars.

The events are organised in partnership with the British Interplanetary Society (https://www.facebook.com/bis.space/). Learn more about Mars Nation on our website (http://www.marsnation.space/).

Do you have what it takes to make Mars colonisation a reality?

Past events (5)

Survive on Mars: Loneliness

British Interplanetary Society

Survive on Mars: Life in Isolation

British Interplanetary Society

Survive on Mars: Space Law

British Interplanetary Society

Survive on Mars - Robotic Assistance SOLD OUT

British Interplanetary Society


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