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Hi people, I want to train with people interested in learning principles from some if the old combat styles popular amongst the samurai. We try to find a day we can meet regularly but keep it flexible to adapt to weekly schedule changes too. I have 15 years experience in the Bujinkan martial arts organization and want to refine what I learn in my dojo by practicing the principles and techniques with people interested in learning them. Completely free training concentrating on the unarmed aspect of the art. Contact me to discuss it.

Park near Kachidoki Station, Oedo Line

Meet at station A3 exit · Tokyo


What we're about

Let's have some training and talking about Martial Arts. This group is for anyone who wants to learn Martial Arts. We introduce many different styles of Martial Arts from different sensei(teachers). Our meetings will most likely be in Tokyo. We plan on having a party once in a while in probably Sibuya-Ku so that we can share our progresses and passions from all kinds of aspiring members! We are planning to have various meetings related to Martial Arts that are used in films as well. What is Martial Arts to you? What does it really mean? We are not alone when we think about those things!

Let's simply have some fun by eating out or lets find out our answers by training in this interesting field. (

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