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I am now starting fortnightly meetings at the local village hall, the next will be on Wednesday 28th November at 7pm to 8.30pm, to discuss how we can empower ourselves to think more positively and dissolve any negative thoughts.

the venue is at :-


which is just ten to fifteen mins drive from Leamington Spa, Coventry and Rugby depending on your actual locations.

It has been my passion for the last five years to understand and correct dysfunctional thinking, most of human pain is not physical, as in a bad back or a tooth ache, but the vast majority is psychological, i.e. anxiety, phobia's, regrets, grief, dysfunctional anger, consistent moaning/complaining, feelings of lack or longings, sulking, frustrations and annoyances, etc etc, all these and all the other unpleasant expressions of how thought creates problems in our lives can be dissolved with understanding or greater awareness, then we can re-train our mind to be a pleasant servant rather than a cruel master.

We will be exploring various situations that will illuminate the potential ‘madness’ of thought, i.e. most of us go through life expecting the world and people to be the way we want them to be and not the way ‘they are’, this causes conflict, understanding that every time we use the word ‘Should’, we are practicing this madness, once this is realised every time we use this word, or think in this way, we can choose to mellow our expectations and use the word ‘Could’ instead.

Acceptance of ‘What is’ brings peace to any situation.

Another favorite trait of thought is to constantly live in the past and future, which isn’t problematic if they are nice memories or future hopes, but if they are regrets, grief, phobias, fears and anxieties, then the thoughts are very unpleasant and can destroy the happiness which we all strive for. All we need to free ourselves from this habitual suffering is to understand it, and with higher awareness we will not indulge our time in this kind of thinking.

Also as a society we routinely project our ‘Choices’ of negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors outwards, practicing blame and justification, this is endemic in our culture and is in my opinion the biggest obstacle to a peaceful life, if it is justified then we have no choice, if its somebody’s or something’s fault then we are not responsible for our behaviors and ‘It is’ their fault, or ‘They are’ responsible ! Taking full responsibility for everything in our lives leads to inner freedom, will we choose anger, guilt, and/or fear or will we choose understanding, peace and/or love ? This is how powerful these tools and techniques are, unless we have enough understanding then we have 'no choice', we will just react as we have always reacted in the past, but we are never stuck, power is always in the present moment, I know from my own experience that we can teach an old dog new tricks !

This meetings purpose is to explore these and other ways we can educate our minds to create a more peaceful and pleasurable existence, and to discuss how best to implement new habits and behaviors to dissolve the old un-pleasant thoughts which result in a less fulfilling life.

I know the value of these understandings and want to help others who would benefit from this information, I hope you will want to join me, an old saying is "the teacher and the taught both become the teaching" which means we all grow in understanding by sharing our experiences together.

The session will be approx. 1.5 hours, the hall is booked from 7pm to 9pm so if we want to extend the season or hang around after for a chat, then that is possible, it will be a relaxed gathering without any rigid formats, belief structures or expectations.

The meeting is free as I am not doing this for any financial rewards, I learnt these understandings the hard way and would like to help others to learn them easier :-)

I look forward to hearing from or seeing you.

Paul Cook
Mob:- 07984 642841

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Suffering is caused by our identification with thought 💭

Nearly all of humanity suffer the consequences from identification with thoughts 💭, compulsive thinking 🤔 it is the disease that causes all of mankind’s psychological suffering, fear, guilt, phobias, insecurities, anxiety, grief, etc etc are all caused by ourselves to ourselves and is considered normal, accepted and supported in our society. But freedom is possible and the cure is higher levels of awareness, once you have gained enough awareness you will then get a choice in whether to follow a thought or ignore it, to react in an automatic way or respond in a life enrichment way. Higher Awareness is the cure, I know this from my own experience, now I want to share this possibility with others who need to free themselves from identification with the thinker, to free themselves from the tyrant of the mind. Freedom is also peace of mind 🤗

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