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We are a consumer-facing media platform/forum/networking app.


Our audience:

consumers, academics, law enforcement advocates, medical researchers, scientist, artisans, activists, creatives who wish to shine a light on the medical benefits of cannabis.

We will dispel misinformation such as cannabis being a gateway drug. MJC's evidenced-based media content will show that cannabis has exceptionally low toxicity and does not promote criminal behavior when used responsibly by adults.

MJC content will largely be presented as edutainment: not too heavy...not too preachy. Just right--to begin the mass education so necessary for freeing minds and empowering.

Beyond this, we want to help our global community become more effective advocates through sharing and strategic unified actions. Meetup.com will be an important platform in advancing this goal. Towards this end, MJC activists-- please give a detailed bio as to how your skillsets and passions will contribute to our cause.

[In August 2015, the company claimed to have 22.77 million members in 180 countries and 210,240 groups. In February 2017, returning to its roots, it became political, bringing together those unhappy with the 2017 US government administration, with 1,000+ free groups under the hashtag (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashtag) #Resist[12] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meetup_(website)#cite_note-12)[13] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meetup_(website)#cite_note-13)and briefly spiking web traffic to the site. The company has very few employees over the age of 40.[15] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meetup_(website)#cite_note-15) The median age of their users is over 30.[6] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meetup_(website)#cite_note-Study-6) In an effort to attract a younger user-set[4] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meetup_(website)#cite_note-Wired-4)accustomed to Tinder (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinder_(app)) and other simplistic mobile apps with Facebook-style graphic design, Meetup began shifting its focus from groups to individuals in 2016]


Mary J Cafe Media is in the early stages of building a massive media library and artisan gallery that will showcase diverse art while educating and inspiring all of us to take responsibility for "Freeing the Weed". Although we have obviously come a long way in terms of the Reefer Madness era, we are not there yet.

Statistics show that the world is gradually embracing the idea that Reefer Madness is indeed MADNESS. However, the fight against prohibition and all the ugly fallout from it requires both an informed global community as well as an organized movement. Kumbya smoke-ins won't get it done. Change comes through political action and YOUR SUPPORT for that change. Are YOU ready?

Many of us have been influenced by the Big Lies of Big government and Big Pharma. There has been no spontaneous mass awakening or revelation. Weed has had no Burning Bush Moment. The expanding light of truth has been largely youth-driven.

Children suffering from chronic neurological disorders, awoke millennials who enjoy recreational weed, cancer patients, veterans dealing with PTSD and opioid addiction have all contributed to raising our collective conscious. Unfortunately, this has been a relatively slow, fragmented process due to pushback from the powers that be.

How many of us knew there was an endocannabinoid system that is essential to all human's homeostasis?How many of us knew that weed was a superfood and had thousands of green applications that will help preserve our planet and our bodies? Most of us can not begin to discuss the richness of cannabis with our family doctor, spiritual leaders or families. Unfortunately, they have been programmed to be dismissive or hostile to any enlightened discussion. Mary J Cafe hopes to change that by adhering to the words of the punk rock political activist:

Don't hate the media, become the media.~Jello Biafra~

Do inquire about Mary J Cafe social media consultation and dropshipping for organizations and retailers who want to improve their visibility and raise operational revenue. Our virtual media staff has created a web presence for multi-million dollar sites as well as start-ups with a modest budget. Unfortunately, major platforms such as Facebook are shutting down and rejecting cannabis-related accounts.

Mary J Cafe Media will offer an alternative media platform.

What MJC will do to FREE the WEED:

Our artisans and creative will design statement apparel, custom pipes, vapes and various paraphernalia. Virtual and special event planners will assist you in planning/executing your grand opening, for both private and large venue events. We will continue publishing our series: Incredible Weed Edibles to provide a delightful alternative way to imbibe CBD.

We invite you to upload your photos and video clips to share with the Mary J Cafe community. The best clips will be featured and have an opportunity to create a viral buzz and win prizes. We encourage you to participate in the entrepreneur and advocacy forums.

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Our first edibles publication:

As many of you already know smoking is not always the most convenient or preferred way to enjoy cannabis for both it's medical/recreational benefits. This book has recipes meticulously prepared by a world-class chef and weed aficionados. You will discover a wide range of weed treats that you can create for healing, parties and romantic interludes.

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The global demonization of marijuana has wreaked havoc on millions and cost governments billions in misappropriated efforts and resources. Fact-based policies must prevail and take away the barriers to clinical research and address the profound social injustice perpetrated on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Help Mary J Café Bring Good Light to Weed.


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Next big project:
We are compiling notes for a book/site: Global Cannabis Guide.
We welcome writers, researchers, academics who wish to participate in this ambitious project. Ultimately, we want to create a space where enthusiasts, medical patients, and advocates can share resources and be mutually supportive. We will reach out to influencers from all walks to help expand our knowledge and guide us in our effort to be enlightened advocates.

New members:

Please provide your relevant background information and tell us how you want to participate in this effort.

And do...

Tell us what you hope to learn/accomplish.

Share your passions, experiences.

Tell the group what connections, resources, support you would like to discover or offer.

We are especially interested in planning networking events via social media and outreach to

influencers and 420-friendly organizations. We want to help bring together thought-leaders in the cannabis space as New Jersey moves towards full legalization. We encourage members who have event planning skills or social media expertise to reach out to us and offer your ideas and skillsets. The fight to Free the Weed has been going on for decades and like many other social justice issues has been helped substantially by social media. However, this is not even half-time in terms of our progress.

Groups like NORML, Women Grow, Leap, Drug Policy Alliance have been working diligently to overcome the Big Lies of Big Government and Big Pharma. However, educating and empowering the masses requires accessible/digestible information. Mary J Cafe will present this information largely through rich media and user forums. Just like all social justice issues-- enlightened people are the key drivers of real change.

State of Weed Social Justice:

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By Steph Sherer for The Hill (http://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/367597-medical-cannabis-community-must-join-together-and-resist-any-action-taken)

Yesterday, I awoke to the news that I have been fearing since Jeff Session was nominated as Attorney General, his Department of Justice is rescinding the non-interference cannabis policies from the Obama Administration, the 2013 Cole Memorandum (https://www.justice.gov/iso/opa/resources/3052013829132756857467.pdf). As I was trying to respond to the flood of texts and emails, I had to fight off flashbacks from events that plagued the first 13 years of my work at Americans for Safe Access.

Between 1996 and 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conducted 528 paramilitary-style raids (270 occurring during the Obama administration) (http://www.safeaccessnow.org/what_s_the_cost_report), filed civil asset forfeiture actions against property owners, and used bullying tactics to dissuade state elected officials from adopting or implementing medical cannabis laws. For each of these actions, dozens of lives were ruined and thousands of patients lost their access to medical cannabis. This was at a time when only twelve states had medical cannabis access programs.

Flash forward to today, all but four states have passed medical cannabis laws and there are millions of patients that rely on these medical cannabis programs. We are also in the midst of an opioid crisis (http://www.safeaccessnow.org/opioidblueprint) in which over 91 people a day die from opioid-related causes, and research has shown that medical cannabis can reduce these deaths by at least 25 (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/1898878) percent.

Although cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, two things have been protecting medical cannabis programs from federal interference: The Cole Memo (https://www.justice.gov/iso/opa/resources/3052013829132756857467.pdf), which shifted priorities in states with cannabis laws and gave guidance to state policymakers through eight priorities in the federal enforcement of cannabis laws; and the Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) Medical Marijuana amendment which passed in the fiscal 2015 appropriations bill.

The CJS Medical Marijuana amendment is set to expire on Jan. 19 with the rest of the federal budget. Since 2014, members of Congress have passed annual spending bills that have included this provision which protects those who engage in state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs from prosecution by the Department of Justice.

The amendment, introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy (http://thehill.com/people/patrick-leahy) (D-Vt.) passed in the Senate, but House Rules Committee leadership did not allow a vote in the House. Therefore, the fate of the amendment will be determined by a conference committee which will likely be made up of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (http://thehill.com/people/mitch-mcconnell) (R-Ky.), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (http://thehill.com/people/charles-schumer)(D-N.Y.), Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (http://thehill.com/people/paul-ryan) (R-Wisc.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (http://thehill.com/people/nancy-pelosi) (D-Calif.), Sens. Thad Cochran (http://thehill.com/people/thad-cochran) (R-Miss.) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT); Reps. Rodney Frelinghuysen (http://thehill.com/people/rodney-frelinghuysen) (R-N.J.), and Nita Lowey (http://thehill.com/people/nita-lowey) (D-N.Y.).

The Cole memo did more than stop raids, it created an incentive for states to increase regulations for medical cannabis programs. Since the issuance of the 2013 Cole Memo over fifteen states (http://american-safe-access.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/memorandumcole072617.pdf) created medical cannabis programs or provided significant updates to existing programs, ensuring that their programs comply with federal guidelines through legislative amendments and regulatory actions. These states utilized the Cole memo to create tightly regulated programs that complied with the memo’s eight objectives.

There will be a lot of unknowns following this announcement. But what I have learned over the years is that our medical cannabis community must come together to resist any actions taken against us. We must be talking to our elected officials now more than ever, and responding is everyone's responsibility.

Protecting patients and fighting for safe access has been my life’s work, and ASA will continue to fight until we know every patient who needs safe access to medical cannabis has it and is protected from prosecution. While Session’s actions may feel like a step back, with continued support from the medical cannabis community, I know that we can push forward to where there is safe access for all.














Mary J Cafe is growing a global community to remove the stigma from cannabis - a miraculous healing plant. We welcome artists, artisans, activists and all concerned influencers to join us as "We Bring Good Light to Weed"


Site description:

Our online multimedia platform focuses on grassroots advocates joining with mainstream influencers to dramatically improve global cannabis awareness in social justice/medical terms. MJC consumer-facing media creates a steady drumbeat that helps remove the stigma and brings a new understanding of cannabis. Join us at the Mary J Cafe, where we "Bring Good Light to Weed".


Under Development:

Global Cannabis Guide (comprehensive wiki weed resource) and BudBuddy (a consumer-facing app that will encourage user forums and networking) Cannabis Forum & Allied Services/CFAS-wiki platform (open-source database pertaining to developments in the cannabis universe.)

Global Cannabis Guide will be promoted as the Bible of the Cannabis industry. We will seek celebrity endorsement and support from leading activists and allied organizations. The quality and depth of this resource will also be a powerful hook. The goal is to create a resource where one can find a full range of information about the cannabis universe: right strain for their pain, leading advocacy organizations/individuals, reputable providers, legal resources, exotic vaping device, cultural trends, weed tourism, weed fashion. The timeframe for completing this living ebook is 4-6 months.

CFAS-wiki platform: A vast video library supported by academic and research institutions will give users access to cutting-edge information on a global scale.
This wiki-weed resource will be a central hub for organizing research teams and exchanging ideas.

Plans for expansion:

Meetup has an international version which we will morph into once we reach critical mass.

The liberation of cannabis is undoubtedly a global movement.

We want to do our part and invite all members to participate.

Join here:


Writer's Compensation:

Freelance writers will be paid per word and should submit your proposal in a 100-200 word summary format.Core editors/writers will not only help write our first publication but will be an integral part of the CFAS wiki site's editing and writing staff. They will be permanent staff and receive appropriate stipends for their efforts.Payments will be made via PayPal once the writer returns the downloadable contract.

Questions?: ecoartglobal@gmail.com

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