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Need help communicating with your dog. Over excited, "reactive", fearful? We can help!

Master the Walk! - Crate Training - Eating Behavior - Basic Obedience
It might be the sight of other dogs, people, kids, loud noises the cause your pup to bark and lunge, making your walk no fun!

If you own a dog like this take heart, there are many of us who share those embarrassing moments with you and through training you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This ongoing class is for anybody wishing to have a calmer more accepting dog when out and about.

Learn how to get your dog to focus on and follow you, rather than the things he/she finds disturbing, thus causing a bad reaction.

Each week we will work on Mastering the Walk and 1 additional area where having a calm dog is most desired.

The Crate - Doorways - Greeting Others - Feeding Problems - Stairways

Basic Obedience Commands- Sit - Leave it - Place - Stay - Come

Class takes place at our 10,000 sq. foot training center in Germantown MD. We walk outside and then continue in our agility/training room.

Class Cost is $30 per session paid prior to class.

Goals of the class:

Most classes start with a controlled walk outside our center, and then we move inside to utilize our agility course to provide a fun way to interact and work on impulse control. Sessions end with a AA type circle session, relaxing on a mat with other dogs at a safe distance.

• What to bring
Favorite leash and collar, treats! NO Retractable Leashes

Maryland Dog Activities Meetup - At Pack Place K9
Maryland Dog Activities Meetup - At Pack Place K9
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12623 Wisteria Dr. Germantown MD - Suite M Lower Level · Germantown, MD
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