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Middle age....not really sexy words.

“There goes that inspiring, middle-aged woman.” Do you hear that often? No.
“I just can’t wait to be middle-aged.” Another that we don't hear.

And I just can't imagine why. I am there, and, at its worst, “Middle age” is a time of chin-hairs, menopause-panic, a thickening waist, social invisibility, low-level incontinence (peeing when you laugh, basically), the last throes of blood-bath periods, wrinkles, a lowered libido, aging parents and demanding children.

Come on, what’s not to like? ;-)

We, Gen Xers, are in denial about being middle-aged. Hence, the Midult.

A Midult essentially describes a Generation X female, born between 1960 and 1980. We are funny, digitally literate, and extremely anxious with road rage!

As Midults, we are married, single, or single and dating. You may or may not have children. You can be fully in the grip of Midulthood and have tiny children, or kids who are almost out of home. You can be a Midult who still rocks sequinned tracksuit pants and understands SnapChat (at least, for that brief period when we needed to understand SnapChat).

In my search to find a women's group in our region, I came across the a pair of women in the UK who have coined the term for their website where their focus is women just like us. I am looking to create a community of Midults to call my tribe.

In this group, we will do a variety of things....dinners out, plays, movies, game nights...really the sky is the limit.

So if you are a Midult (aka woman 35-55) in our region that is looking to connect and build real friendships with other Midults, this may be the group for you! This group is set up for Columbia, and while most of the meetups will be in HoCo, anyone in our region is welcome to join. I would love to have a co-organizer, if anyone is interested.

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