MSW 2019 Event Planning Meeting!

Needs a location



PINNED MEMBERS (Bronze/Silver/Gold), and select contributors -- Our 2018 Planning meeting was by invitation, where we still had a well-rounded representation of member ideas and opinion. While we had a tough 2018 given the weather ... events either significantly impacted or cancelled for rain or heat, we still pulled out 13 Events! We can only hope that El Nino takes a break for the coming year.

The venue for our 2019 planning meeting will be the home of Paul and Carla. We have two dining areas to spread out in. All the food and refreshments are taken care of; but if a guest would like to bring something, it's welcomed and appreciated. Date: Saturday the 15th of December to stay out of the way of holiday activities leading up to and through Christmas and the New Year.

I think it was 2014 when that November, we did had our 2015 planning meeting. So, if we could set our 2019 agenda before the turn of the year, we will have more ease in setting schedules, any needed reservations, etc. I think it would be good this time to open up a bit more, capping at a 20-person planning committee, plus guests (i.e spouses). We will see how the RSVPs develop and fill in, but it makes sense that the planning privilege should go to the folks who attend the most rydes. :-)

We already have some great 2019 ideas ... Smoke Hole, WV (Thanks Tammy) has been brought up; a club ryde up to the Flight 93 Memorial (several voices) and the Benzenette area of PA (thanks Lynn Fulton). Still "lurking" out there might be a trip to Maggie Valley, NC (The Dragon / Cherohala Skyway). As always ... day rydes ... day rydes and New Holland. The planning committee will set a prioritized list of what we can best see as what folks want to do for the ryding season. Most of all ... Nice Weather!

Also for the coming year, we want to discuss additional leadership. We want to fill a calendar, but not necessarily have yours truly leading all rydes. We also need to discuss group size and multiple groups or events on a given day, while not leaving folks who want to participate out. Doing all the planning and reservations is interesting and great, but it's also tiring, especially if there is a dearth of ideas and inspiration coming in from the membership, which could also be a signal. MSW thrives off members' ideas, inspiration and commitment invested back into the club to keep the fires burning.

To include other MSW members who are not yet pinned, we are opening up the MSW facebook site to allow moderated input from our members regarding ideas and club feedback.

Finally, if you're still fightin' for your Silver or Gold, attending this planning meeting will be a pin-credit engagement.