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Let's get together and talk about ways that we can support each other as men. Let's talk about sex, marriage, divorce, dating, money, career, finances, life, and much more!

If you are a man, 18 years or older you are eligible for this group.

To help men get together to discuss what it means to be a real man, the challenges that we face in today's world and how we can help each other succeed so we can grow and have more to contribute to our self, family, and community.

Through an open conversational dialogue and with the assistance of a facilitator, we will sit together in a circle and take turns discussing certain topics that we experience challenges on and would like feedback and clarity on. There will also be exercises, mingling, closed eye processes, and much more.

Tomas Vacca is the main facilitator for this group, a founding member of The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team, and is the CEO of The Vacca Consulting Group, LLC. Tomas is a Certified, Master NLP Practitioner, Les Brown Speaker, Transformational Trainer, And Master Life Coach. He has trained and coached hundreds of individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and The United States Army. We will also have special guest speakers and trainers as well.

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