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Who loves tea?! Who loves coffee?! Who loves a good book?! Who loves to find a way to meet other professionals on Cape Cod outside of work?!

Come join bookclub as a way to expose yourself to new genres of books along with meeting some pretty awesome people.

For those who think this looks familiar, I ran a bookclub in 2016, Unfortunately I had to take a hiatus in 2017 due to an illness in the family.

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“The Woman They Could Not Silence”- Kate Moore

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“One day in the summer of 1860, an Illinois woman named Elizabeth Packard watched as an ax crashed through her bedroom window.

A wife and mother, her life had previously been relatively quiet, centered on home and church. But she and her husband Theophilius, a preacher, had begun having theological arguments. Disturbed by these, and the idea that Elizabeth was "becoming insane on the subject of women's rights," as he later wrote, Theophilius decided to have his wife committed to an asylum. Hence the group of men climbing through the broken window, and carrying her, immobile, to the train that would take her on to the Jacksonville Insane Asylum.

Incarcerated in the asylum for three years, she would go on to write bestselling books chronicling her experience and would campaign successfully against laws that allowed husbands to lock up their wives without trial. Kate Moore's The Woman They Could Not Silence: One Woman, Her Incredible Fight for Freedom, and the Men Who Tried to Make Her Disappear is the story of Packard's fascinating lifelong fight.”- NPR

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“The Sweetness of Water” -Nathan Harris

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