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Who loves tea?! Who loves coffee?! Who loves a good book?! Who loves to find a way to meet other professionals on Cape Cod outside of work?!

Come join bookclub as a way to expose yourself to new genres of books along with meeting some pretty awesome people.

For those who think this looks familiar, I ran a bookclub in 2016, Unfortunately I had to take a hiatus in 2017 due to an illness in the family.

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"Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" by Brad Ricca

Cape Cod Coffee

"Grace Humiston was an advocate for an earlier generation of lost and forgotten women, and her inspiring story demands a hearing. In MRS. SHERLOCK HOLMES: The True Story of New York City’s Greatest Female Detective and the 1917 Missing Girl Case That Captivated a Nation, Brad Ricca makes a heroic case for Humiston, a lawyer and United States district attorney who forged a career of defending powerless women and immigrants. She took on causes like the exploitation of illiterate Italian laborers and the sexual enslavement of young girls. For her dogged work on the 1917 case of a missing girl that the police had given up on, the newspapers called her “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.” With the snow coming down on a bitter cold day in February, 18-year-old Ruth Cruger left her family’s home in Harlem to take her ice skates to a repair shop and promptly disappeared. Pretty young girls who go missing put the police on high alert and make the New York tabloid press go nuts. A month later, the police found a witness who saw Ruth get into a taxicab with a young man. After that, the trail went cold. But Humiston persevered, tracing her to a cellar where a local gang kept girls bound for the South American white slave trade. Yes! You can read it here: There really was a South American white slave trade, and crusaders like Grace Humiston really did rescue young girls from “a fate worse than death.".- NY Times Seems like a fitting book to follow RBG. **** Please note that the meeting time is earlier. This is to hopefully help account for the influx of tourist. ALSO I know that this is the first weekend after school gets out, if this is a bad date for the majority I will push it back a week. There is a chance that we will have to meet in the courtyard across from the library if it's too busy. Please keep that in mind. Happy reading!

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"The Radium Girls" Kate Moore

Cape Cod Coffee

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