MAnalyt MeetUp at Massey University

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Dear peer members,

Hope you are all keeping well while life is “statistically” busy and getting ready for the next MeetUp?
Recently I have been asked by many people about our next gathering. Here it comes!

I’m very excited to send out this invitation for another special event. We are having two of our outstanding graduates returning to Massey University and sharing with us their experience and knowledge they gained during the practical projects. Many of you will find the topics very relevant to what you are doing either in business or in your study.

Arrive from 5.45pm for networking, the guest talk starts at 6.30pm, followed by Q&A, informal discussion, peers catch-up.

First guest speaker: Lucy Kang
MAnalyt graduate, data analyst from FIRST Digital

Topic: “Sentimental analysis and text mining application on online survey data of an E-commerce website”

Second guest speaker: Rayven Mao
MAnalyt graduate, presenting this work at SUNZ 2019.

Topic: “Segmenting and tracking mobile app users based on user purchasing behaviors for a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)”

We’re delighted to have Lucy and Rayven back to Uni sharing insights about their projects and the techniques they used to achieve the goals.

See you all there!