What we're about

Why are some people able to get clients, investors and deals so easily? What makes some people stand out and be remembered?

The Founder & Host of of Pitch Night NYC shares the complete roadmap for the best ways to present yourself and your business.

I'm sure you've felt it...
That feeling of disappointment when nothing comes out of that networking event you attended.
Frustrated when someone with a lesser product closes that deal.
Confused about why you're missing opportunities.

It's like being back in grade school and getting left out of that game. You know, deep down, that you're meant for more.

I know because I've felt all of these things before. And it took me a lot of time and money to discover the solution.

Master Your Message is for anyone who knows they are meant for more and wants to improve the quality of their life. It is also for...
- entrepreneurs who are looking to attract more clients/investments
- employees looking to improve their career options
- people who want to share their message with the world
- and anyone that has taken the time to read this far along!!

At Master Your Message you will get the tools and strategies to make memorable impressions and speak with confidence in every situation. You will learn:
- simple structures for different introductions
- clarity around your "why"
- effective ways to communicate information
- the way to craft a story
...and much more

This event is free to attend. All you need to do is sign up and show up eager to learn, participate, have fun and give 110%.

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