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This is a group for anyone whose current approach in managing their time, energy and attention is keeping them from achieving great things. It is for those who constantly feel busy and overwhelmed. Those who daily set out to conquer their to-do list, but at the end of the day just shift most of the items to the next day, and then the next...and the next. Those who are not happy with their progress, their contribution and the fact that they do not keep the promises they make to themselves and others.
I believe that productivity is not about getting more things done. It is not about being more efficient (although that is the original understanding when you consider a production or manufacturing environment). In the knowledge economy we need to shift our minds in this regard. Productivity is more about experiencing progress, feeling accomplished, adding value, making a contribution, creating space for life’s (and job’s) adversity and uncertainties. We don't need to get everything done. We need to get the right things done.
I’ve been obsessed with time management over the last 5y. I’ve read so much about it, have watched countless hours of interviews and webinars with experts and have experimented excessively on myself in order to see what works and what doesn’t.
I’ve also helped others at work to manage themselves and feel so much more at ease. Time management is not only inevitably linked to success, it also improves wellbeing, beating that overwhelm that often can be crippling.
I started this group to share my knowledge and experience with those who finally want to feel on top of things. Who want to have the feeling that they control their time and get things done, giving them a sense of progress and accomplishment. Those who want to free up time for what really matters to them.
But as someone who strives to improve, I would also like to learn from others, what works for them. New philosophies, new approaches, anything that helps to lead a life more intentionally and sustainably. There is no point in getting things done, but being exhausted at the end of the day/week/year.
Looking forward to regular meetings with people who want to create forward momentum in their lives.

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