What we're about

WHO we are

MasterMinds is a community of Dr's, Professors, Leaders, Mentors, Entrepreneurs & Management Consultants from across the globe, who provide expert Business advice, Leadership, Mentorship & Advisory Services to Organisations & Professionals of all levels.


WHY we do what we do

Is to pave the way forward by paying our collective knowledge and wisdom forward to others.

Our aim is to Empower, Educate & Enrich individuals, Businesses, Organisations, and Communities by giving back.

“To give or receive knowledge…… in my book there is no bigger honour.” – Dr. Amerah Ahmed, MasterMinds Founder & Leader

Our ‘Business’ Model

‘Humanistic Leadership’ … MasterMinds believes that through the power of shared knowledge & correct human behaviours we can have stronger leadership & fellowship teams,

Our humanistic approach providing both substance and sustainability, we aim to take our common sense and turn it into common good not just for corporations, but for the community and ultimately humanity.

This endeavour is more than a catchy slogan used in the pursuit of better business perceptions. Social responsibility is the business model.

Educating others, Leading others whilst being socially responsible……it’s a win-win not just for us, but for all. Through this MeetUp group ‘MasterMinds’ aspires to provide keen insights and inspiration to help others in their individual quests to construct socially responsible professional development and fiscally responsible business practices.


WHAT we do

Joining the dots………

We are all about development, whether that would be Knowledge, Talent, Organisations, Startups, Leaders, Research or Business Development Opportunities. Our niche network of professionals also known as ‘MindMentors’ mentor both the MasterMinds consultant and the project development. We have several channels of engagement to provide you a convenient way to access our MindMentors and to network with some high profile professionals. Not the ‘big 4, But definitely the ‘High five’……. Drs, Professors, Principals, Consultants & Entrepreneurs. Alumni of City of Westminster University, University of Cambridge, Technische Universität München, University of Michigan & GUST University.

E&Y London, DOW Business, Equate & Alshaya to name a few.

A one stop shop from some of the best ‘Institutes’ in Business and Academia… we offer Management Consulting, Advisory & Mentoring.

We work closely with you to carefully design and deliver an innovative method to re-frame mindsets and create value for stakeholders that has a result and impacts your organisation positively.

Earn whilst you learn………….

This is a ‘start up’ platform for anyone envisioning to become a Management Consultant or start off on their own as a freelancer. This platform gives you the opportunity to work alongside an actual MasterMinds Consultant who shall guide you and put your mastery to good use, whilst giving you a ‘Ready-made’ Business model & structure to piggy back off.

HOW we may help you………..

Joining this group will provide you with a solid groundwork for your professional practice, we have members at every level and all disciplines, whether you are a Learner, Leader, or a Landlord, we have insights for all.

We provide Tactical advice, evidence argument, key insights and comprehensive Business solutions to continuously and consistently enhance our members' ability to measure and manage all forms of Business challenges.


To make sure we bring value to each and everyone of our members, we have split the group into 3 sub-levels under the MasterMinds hierarchy;

□ The Learners

□ The Leaders

□ The Landlords

The Learners: These are those who are sincere, disciplined, and willing to learn about their specific field of study or profession. They could be students, mentees, trainees, protégés, employees or anyone below the management level. Here you shall get the opportunity for:

- Professional Development

- Academic Development

- Mentorship

- Opportunity to get scouted

The Leaders: This sub-level is for selfless leaders who wish to make a difference, and pay forward. Remember, titles do not make leaders, goals and actions do.

We ask nor seek much from you.. possibly an hour of your time a month to payforward to others a little that you know.

Our quest is to spread knowledge kindly and vastly. One act of kindness goes along way… if each of us did exact in return…. Imagine the outcome of the input of one hour a month. We hope the way we favoured you, you favour someone else and so on.

Although majority of our members are Business leaders, we do however encourage leaders from different disciplines to join as well, (Education, Technology, Social, Healthcare, Media and so on).

Here you shall get the opportunity to:

- Develop Your Leadership Skills

- Change and better the lives of others through volunteering & leading

- Educate & Empower others

- Raise awareness of your mastery

- Opportunity to get scouted

- Exposure to qualified and credible professionals

- Become a MasterMinds Consultant

The LandLords: This is particularly relevant to individuals who own small to medium Business entities, or individuals who are leading existing Organisations.

A Doctors Surgery, where you get an opportunity to seek Business advice information, models, solutions, ideologies, and real methodologies to solve Business problems.

Or book a private mentor session with one of our MindMentors, also not limited to the opportunities listed below:

- Business Development

- Business Guidance & Advise

- Engage and network with Like-Minded professionals

- Exposure to qualified and credible professionals

- Explain and promote either your Mastery or your Business

- Scout talent for your Business.

- Find a MindMentor

Ask us a Question and find out more.......

Email us at ask@masterminds.me

Twitter/Periscope/Instagram/Snapchat/Google @MasterMinds_CG

We look forward to ‘MeetUp’ with you soon.

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