What we're about

WELCOME. This group provides the required support (discussions, events, workshops, courses, social gatherings.…etc.) to MASTER COACHING skills, TRANSFORMATION & Living an EMPOWERED LIFE. This meetup group is created for anyone who wants to significantly improve their COACHING skills. Whether you are a Life Coach, Executive Coach or an Entrepreneur or have a coaching / leadership accountability in your job or your community. You will find this meet up group important in developing new coaching skills, polishing your existing coaching skills, taking your coaching skills to a whole new level or even be a collaborator for other like-minded people in London. We believe each member of this meetup group has a unique contribution they can make to the success of this meetup group. It is powerful when we create a space for learning from each other. We INVITE you to the world of MASTERING COACHING and encourage you to impact the world by expressing your SELF in your own unique difference-making ways.

Some of the questions, but not limited to, we will address in this group:
How do Master Coaches prepare for coaching sessions?
How do you effectively coach such that it brings out the best in others?
What are the BEST Practices of coaching?
What is the SOURCE of living a transformed & Empowered Life? How to achieve that?

Get ready to have a FUN and Adventurous journey!!!!

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