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Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or really, anyone who desperately want's to be comfortable doing live video's in order to connect and market to your audience on social media, but you are scared sh*@less, don't know what the hell you are doing, and just want to find a safe place to learn these skills and gain some confidence and finesse, in front of the camera?

I am NO expert at all, but I have had this idea for ages, and after doing a live video where I found myself sticking my finger in my ear... I knew I was way overdue to put this together! LOL

I would also love to have some people, who already DO know what they are doing, join us for some additional guidance and input. Maybe your thing is Toastmasters... or maybe your thing is Live Video. We will make progress with or without you, but I'd much prefer with you.

My thoughts are to run this similar to Toastmasters, with an actual structure. Assignments given, video's created "live" on a time structure, and feedback provided on the spot.

I think this could really be a "thing," especially with the direction business marketing is going when it comes to social media!

There is no fee at this point, however, depending on who decides to join us we may find it totally worth our while to provide an appreciation payment for their time and experienced knowledge.

Would love to have you join to see what we can create both in front of and behind the camera!

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