What we're about

"The relationship with yourself sets the tone of every other relationship."
- Jane Travis

What is the workshop about?
This workshop will be focused on how to master and awaken self-love. Why is this important? If you don't like or love yourself first how do you expect to love another? Self-love is not about vanity, being indulgent or selfish. Self-love is a key to happiness and connection to all things. Most of us have a hard time loving ourselves and would often look outside for love due to a negative pattern that was picked up at an early age. The good news is, all this can be changed as you learn how to step out of your old negative patterning and create a bigger version of who you are.

What can I expect?
- Some dancing/body movement will be involved to explore and move out of your comfort zone.
- Belly button healing and body tapping.
- Enjoy a love meditation & a group hypnotherapy session

What will I gain from the workshop?
It will help you change the relationship you have with yourself as we delve into this journey of rediscovery of your true self and the world around you. You will learn how to work with obstacles and strong emotions. It will equip you with the understanding of the power of mind and body's interconnectedness, and change the way you think and act for good.

Who is it for?
Everyone welcome

HueLan is a trained Rapid Transformational Therapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist by Marisa Peer herself. A Reflexologist, Reiki and Martial Arts practitioner and a Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher taught by Dr Paul Ekman and Dr Alan B.Wallace under the guidance of HH Dalai Lama. A committed meditator under the tutelage of Tsoknyi and Mingyur Rinpoche. For more information about HueLan's work, please visit www.loveyourmind.co.uk

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