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The best of everything: jobs, salary, life partners, discounted prices, opportunities, absolutely everything in life... can be yours, if you know how to communicate your wishes in a way that is most agreeable to your audience. Many people feel uncomfortable negotiating, thus shortchanging themselves because they refuse to engage in the process. Some view it as manipulation; or as a contest of wills in which power determines outcome, each party seeks to one-up the other, and the little guy doesn't stand a chance. .... It doesn't have to be that way. Effective negotiation can produce an agreement that meets the needs of both sides while preserving the relationship...The key to success is remembering that everything is negotiable -- and to get a deal you must ask for one.



- People who understand that negotiation, like any other skill can be learned.
- People who believe that excellence is simply a matter of practice
- People committed to improving their future interactions


- Have themed meetings, focused on particular situations/ skills
- How to identify tactics being used on you by others and strong ways you could respond
- We'll discuss negotiation situations we were in and how we fared
- Review some strategies that work
- Research and share on some best-practices in particular situations
- Role-play situations to get experience practicing skills learned
- How to pitch your proposal for a promotion, a raise, expanded responsibilities etc.
- Provide direct feedback on how you come across in certain situations (if you want it)
- Developing confidence in any negotiation situation
- Body language: how to read your negotiating partner
- Body language: how YOU can communicate strength and confidence
- We could help analyze one of your past negotiations (if you ask)
- Build a network of people you can practice with before a high-stakes negotiation encounter

So whether you are trying to get a raise, sell an idea for the next company outing, or persuade your friends/ family to see things your way... Let's get together and help each other be more successful.

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