What we're about

This is a group for all who want to gain more control over their thoughts, emotions and ego. We create a shadow of our ego by not dealing well with our uncomfortable experiences, thoughts and emotions. That shadow sabotages us in being who we were meant to be and in our relationships. We will talk about how to have a different relationship to our thoughts and emotions and identify how our ego and the shadow shows up and our triggers. Our goal is to master our ego, its shadow, and take back our power to respond consciously from our higher selves instead of reacting with knee-jerk behavior from our ego's conditioning.

People today are overwhelmed anger, angst, hostility, sadness, worry, and fear. Many of us experience an overflowing and destructive degree of:
 Anger
 Frustration
 Resentment
 Sadness
 Depression
 Hopelessness
 Fear
 Self-loathing or criticism
 Annoyance that others are just so ignorant, stupid, off-base, etc.
 Other emotions that make you feel bad about yourself, other people, your environment or the larger society and world?
 Feelings and beliefs that so much in your life just isn’t working out, is crumbling or you just can’t get off zero
 Negatively reacting in certain circumstances or with certain people much of the time
 Feeling hopeless or out of control
 Having a near endless dialogue going on in your head that is negative about yourself or others

We will discuss some of the ways our own internal protection mechanisms are working overtime to cause emotional havoc in us and how to gain the self-mastery over them and not allow these emotional programs to run you and to be the master of your own domain.
We will have education, workshops and reviews of the group member's daily scenarios to help with better tools and coping skills to manage the uncomfortable scenarios and people in our lives.

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