What we're about

This group is for those that want to achieve their personal goals with the support of a group environment!

Our values are:

ACCOUNTABILITY for ourselves and each other,

FEEDBACK: The best mind is the hive mind (all of us put together). Often we will each be tapped to brainstorm for others, and ask others to brainstorm for us.

GROWTH in any form that it takes.

SUPPORT for each and every member to the best of our abilities.

1st and 3rd Thursdays we have an informal coffee hour (no planned agenda) on a drop-in basis in case you want a little extra support, encouragement, troubleshooting or a pep talk in between meetings for those on the monthly rate. These will begin on May 16, 2019.

2nd Thursdays we have a formal meeting with an abbreviated check-in with all members about what's happened since last time, and then a workshop based on a self-improvement topic that rotates each month.

4th Thursdays are laser focused mastermind meetings where we put each person present on the Hot Seat, brainstorm solutions, and try to get you past any road blocks you may be experiencing to help you make progress.

Mastermind groups are the fast track to success and achievement! I'm excited to have you join up with us so we can all learn and grow together!


Show Up!

• You Get What You Give!

• Active participation is expected.

• Please silence your cell phones and put them away once we are started.

• Every Voice is Needed

Be willing to be real and raw:

• We openly share ideas, support, information, feedback

• We're willing to (kindly) say the things that are hard to say

• We listen to constructive criticism which might be hard to hear

Time is precious! so please:

• Arrive on time

• Stay the whole time

• Don't take it personally if occasionally discussions become tabled in order to keep the group on track

Be kind and courteous! We're in this together!

Respect everyone's privacy! What's shared in the group should stay in the group.

No direct self-promotion. Businessmen and women are most welcome to participate but direct promotion to members is not allowed.

Be humble! Everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

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