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Tell YOUR Story: How Your "Guidance" Changed Your Life!

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I am gathering your stories for a project I am working on which creates awareness regarding how and when we "Listen to" and then "Follow" our Guidance. No way to tell where "Guidance" comes from whether it is: "Guides," "Angels," our "Ancestors," or the "Divine Spirit!" Does it come to us from an "External Source" or our "Internal Connection to the Divine?" But, YOUR story needs to be shared. SO, Join us for our conference call and tell your story. It may become an important part of my "Connecting with Guidance" project. YOUR input is so important.

RSVP for I can only take 12-14 attendees on Thursday, March, 14th at 7:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (8:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time.) I am inviting over 700 members of my three MeetUp groups (Bellingham, WA, Seattle, WA, and Boulder, CO) to attend and only have these 12-14 spaces for this call. Please RSVP and join us to TELL YOUR STORY!

Possible stories can include how Guidance or intuition lead you to:
1. New New Career Path or Job
2. New Relationship (where you learned an important lesson)
3. An Awakening which created greater Spiritual Consciousness
4. An Amazing Travel Experience
5. An Incredible Meditation Experience ("Epiphany")
6. A "Healing" Experience
7. A NDE or STE (Near Death Experience or Spiritually Transformative Experience)
8. A Heartfelt moment when Your Life Changed

YOU have had many of these in your life. Whether you paid attention and follow through or Not. What did you experience? What did YOU learn? How has this experience changed you and your outlook on Life?

We want to know YOUR story. We want to learn and expand our Perspective on what is possible. We want to to Expand and Grow in Consciousness.

Please join us and share YOUR story!

RSVP and show up on Thursday, March 14th at 7:00 PM (PDT) 0r 8:00 PM (MDT) at ( conference call from your computer or smartphone. We will probably record this call so comb your hair.

Contact me with any questions.
John Mason, Ph.D. (aka Zen Schmen)