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Calling all matcha connoisseurs & tea enthusiast, or beginners want to know more about this amazing tea!

We're a group of people passionate about green tea especially matcha! Each meetup will focus on different matcha-related topics , for examples:

• Matcha Barista: want to be your own barista at home and prepare delicious matcha drinks? We will be sharing recipes and test it out on the spot!ow can you tell if your matcha is good or not so good?

• Whisking Clinic: gritty matcha? no froth? we will explore the common mistakes that people make when whisking (or ruining) their matcha, and get one-on-one help to make your whisking perfect just like a master!

• Brewing Clinic: have you been ruining your precious tea? What's the best temperature? What's the best powder-to-water ratio? Do I have to sift? Do I have to use a whisk?

• Matcha producing regions: learn interesting facts about different practices among those regions, and compare the taste and flavour from each region.

• Health Freaks: Not a big fan of matcha tastes but chase after its health benefits? Come and learn matcha's facts and myths from local holistic nutritionists.

• Fine matcha tasting: for the serious matcha-straight-up connoisseurs, this fully facilitated session will share some inside stories & behind-the-scene matcha farm videos with you while serving you at least 3 different kinds of competition grade matcha which is so rare and precious in Japan. This special tasting is also available on Airbnb Experiences (https://www.airbnb.ca/experiences/52741).

• Speaker series: we will invite local or international tea experts to share their stories and passions.

• And so much more!

Come as you are. This is a casual style Meet Up so please be prepared to mingle; if you come alone and feel intimidated, please look for me, Kimmy, and I will make an intro for you. You will make some new friends in no time! Matcha (of course) & snacks will be provided.

The meet up will take place at L'Atelier Co-Working in Gastown.

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