What we're about

Women just like you are shattering glass ceilings, leading at the polls, and raising forward-thinking children. If ever there was a time... Our time is now!

This Meetup will match you with the change-agent practitioner that will help you:

Build confidence by getting healthy
Quit that dead end job and find your dream career
Get of debt and start building wealth
Find natural fertility methods
De-stress and relieve chronic pain
Find the courage to leave that toxic relationship
Find a community of like-minded women and stop feeling alone
And more

This group is for:

1) Busy working women looking to be matched with qualified, trusted, and pre-vetted health and wellness practitioners, and
2) High-quality, certified, health and wellness practitioners looking to find their dream clients, and to empower women to live their best life.

Run by Lindsey T. H. Jackson, a busy working-Mom with 20+ years experience in the health and wellness industry, this Meetup will save you time and money (that you do not want to waste) by connecting you to your dream practitioner.

Come For:

Each session will kick-off with stories of inspiration from local #renaissancewomen, just like you, who are breaking from the status quo to create a life of passion, fulfillment and empowerment. Learn their tips and secrets to finding success, fulfillment and peace at whatever stage of life you are in.

Stay For:

This will be followed by an opportunity to in-person interview health and wellness practitioners who have mentored these women to their best life and choose the one that is right for you. No more searching and cold-calling from impersonal Google ads...


What is the intention of this group?

The intention of this group is to:

1) Inspire you to seek and out and remove any barriers to living your best life by hearing inspirational stories and interviews from women just like you!

2) Connect women to safe, pre-vetted female Mentors, Life-coaches, Naturopaths, Licensed Massage Therapists, Gynecologists, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Fitness Professionals and More

3) Join a community of female change agents committed to self-development, and community empowerment.

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