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What we're about

We are a social group who gets together the 4th Wednesday of each month. Some of us are into blockchain, others are in related tech fields, and some of us don't know anything about blockchain, we just come for the cozy beer-patios. Seaboard Brewing has 3 patios (front, side, and rear). They have pizza, sandwiches, a large beer selection, a cheese and charcuterie menu, and they allow food from outside. There is a Pizza Peel and a BBQ restaurant across the street where we get tasty foods and bring them over to the patio or even to the indoor seating area.

Our meetup is typically 6-10 folks. We typically setup in one of the outside areas of Seaboard Brewing. There is usually a "Blockchain" sign or folder on our table. You do not have to be a blockchain enthusiast to attend.

Our discussions range from non-currency applications such as smart contracts, supply chain monitoring, and potato tracking to topics covering cryptocurrency, crypto tokens, coin exchanges, government regulation of crypto, mining, international currency exchange, and more.

In the future we may focus on some of these Blockchain real-world uses:

• Supply Chain Monitoring

• Retail loyalty rewards programs

• Digital IDs

• Data Sharing

• Copyright and Royalty Protection

• Digital voting

• Real Estate, Land, and Auto title transfers

• Uncorruptible Data Backup

• Medical Record Keeping

• Weapons Tracking

• Equity Trading

• Managing IoT systems

• Tracking Prescription Drugs

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