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Are you a startup who wants to succeed faster and avoid common pitfalls? You may need a "Board of Adwisers".

This is what Maturepreneur can do for you...


Balancing your startup with the addition of a new open door to priceless knowledge, skills, 'know how' experience from mature leaders is how to excel with greater success.

Are you a mature advisor or consultant, whether active or retired, and want to stay connected with startups? Your wisdom and experience are in high demand!


Maturepreneur is a national community organization designed to "marry the ages" in order to empower both sides to accomplish extraordinary works together. So if you're an entrepreneur or seasoned business vet, this is for you. Join us!


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that those ages 65 and over will experience the fastest rates of labor force growth by 2024 (https://www.bls.gov/emp/ep_table_303.htm). Meagher expects to be one of those workers. "I love my job. I'm getting better every year, and my writing skills have improved. I could do this well into my seventies."


Maturepreneur of NYC meets monthly. Here's what to expect from each 2-hour event:

• 30-mins: Guest Maturepreneur Speaker > this person will be a seasoned business leader.

• 60-mins: SpeedMatch > this is like singles speed dating, but for entrepreneurs seeking a new Adwiser to their board... (and visa versa).

• 30-min: Matchup > this is your time to engage and communicate further with those you've bonded with, who you think could add big value to your startup.

• Open Networking > mix and mingle and enjoy the experience by getting to know more people, and sharing your stories. This is where possibilities are alive!


MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: the opportunity to become a Member will be shared with attendees.


Startups have certain 'blind spots' that they are not even aware of. These can be costly, and more often than not carry grave consequences. There are things you, as an entreprenuer know, and there are also things you are aware of that you don't know. However, do you realize that there are things beyond what you know that you don't know? Indeed, there are. This is where the core value lives in a mature advisory group: accessing the total unknown that you don't know about.

Come to our next event and find out for yourself why investors prefer funding a balanced startup... with maturepreneurs! (smile)



Two decades ago less than a third of people ages 55 and over were employed or looking for work. Today the share is 40 percent, according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, up 10 percent from 1990. "There are a lot of those ages 55 to 70, and each of them is more likely to work now than in previous generations," said Matt Rutledge, a research economist for The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. [Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/20/the-suddenl... (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/20/the-suddenly-hot-job-market-for-workers-over-50.html)]


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