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We Are Motorcycle Owners that Ride on Maui. You Must Have and Own Your own Motorcycle to become a Member. All skill levels, who enjoy the scenery and the Beauty of riding these roads on Maui. Male or Female riders. It doesn’t matter what Make , Model or Style ..ALL Motorcycles are Welcome, Any- Kine, as long as it’s Street Legal. It's about finding someone to ride with when you want to go riding. We don't have big rides of 20-30 people. We enjoy the smaller group of 5-8 where we can relax and enjoy the road and scenery rather than worry about riders around you. Think about this as a way to ask a group of friends to go riding with you. If you want to Ride and just aren’t looking to Join a Club this is it ! ** Please Note..No Drugs or Alcohol are Allowed while Riding with this Group **

Please Join if you want to Participate. There is No Motorcycle Meet Up Group on Maui..Come Join Us.

There are No Membership Fees or Dues ..It is NOT a Club or Chapter..We are NOT an MC.. we are Just an Organized Riding Group so NO Politics or Officer Positions or Meetings here ! No Affiliations, Patches or Vests……….I would like to Keep this Group Open to Join for Riders that DO NOT belong to a Club, Association or Chapter..We Are Just a Riding Group...We just Ride and have Fun with No Drama !

All Members May become Event Organizers. If that Interests you, I can arrange that.. You want to go for a ride? Today, tomorrow, next week? Post it. Find people who want to go. You are in charge. Easy to do, just click on the Red "Create Event" button to Post your rides. If you're going anyways someone might want to ride with you. Any member that hasn't been on the site Over a Year will be changed to a "Member" from an Event Organizer.Any Member that has Not participated on the site or have been on a Ride in Over 18 Months...May be Removed from the Group at My Discretion.. If there is a ride posted on a day, and you want to go somewhere else, post it. Maybe there are people who want to go there instead. We ride about 3-7 mph above the speed limit. Make sure your comfortable with that. We have nowhere to go, plenty of time to get there, and take social/scenic breaks and maybe even Lunch? We can try different restaurants all over this Island if you are up to it…No pressure.

Rides will usually range from two hours up to four. It's up to you. Schedule what you want. We are not looking for big group rides. Just people who like to relax and ride weekends and weekdays too. Since Most members can create an event, they can be any length, shape, size, you want...Let's Ride !

As the Organizer of this Riding Group I want it to be a Stress Free, Positive, No Drama, Disrespect or Riding UnSafely with this Group. Should anyone fit in this Category they will be removed from The Group. Please Note * You MUST Sign Up and R.S.V.P. to go on Any Rides....It makes the Rides Safe and Easier to Manage for the Lead. Communication is Important. Please if you sign up for a Ride and can't make it, just go to the site and remove your RSVP from that Ride. Things come up, No Worries....Mahalo....Ed

*Important Liability Release*.. I DO NOT Belong to a Club or Association or Chapter, Just want to Ride..I Understand there are inherent risks associated with Motorcycles and I Agree to Assume ANY and ALL of those Risks for myself, family and friends. I Hereby Release and Hold Harmless Ed Silva and Maui Any-Kine Motorcycle Riders of ANY and ALL Liability whatsoever including any Claim for Negligence or Negligent acts which may arise out of my participation on ANY Ride and All activities with Maui Any-Kine Motorcycle Riders.Event Organizers and Maui Any-Kine Motorcycle Riders are NOT Responsible for ANY Damage,Loss of Property,Expenses whether known or unanticipated.By Joining and signing up as a Member ,Event Organizer, with Maui Any-Kine Motorcycle Riders I am Volunteering my Participation on Any and ALL Rides or Events. You and your Motorcycle May be on Social Media sites in Pictures or Videos to Help Promote Maui Any-Kine Motorcycle Riders about this Group...You Must sign up to Join a Ride.. I agree with a "YES" on Question #4 to join . If You Do Not agree, I will Not be able to Approve you as a Member.

If All this Sounds Good to You and you Agree with All of the Above...Please Sign Up and I will see You on the Ride. By agreeing to "Yes" to Question #4 it serves as Your Electronic Signature and Approval of the "Important Liability Release".. If you have Any Questions before You Sign Up..just send me a Message.

Upcoming events (4+)

"Open Ride"- Decide at the Starting Point

Pakaula Street

** CUT OFF TIME TO JOIN THIS RIDE IS 9 PM THE DAY BEFORE THE RIDE ***Please RSVP on Time..Mahalo !...........

This will Be an Open Ride.. We will Respect the Social Distancing Rules.

"There will be NO LUNCHES with the Group on or After the Ride"

( WE MEET AT 10 AM and LEAVE AT 10:15 AM )

• What to bring
Bring a Smile ! ..a Mask, Sanitizer if so Desired

• Important to know
This Ride will be Limited to 7 Bikes and riders can have passengers . Please RSVP. Thanks

La Perouse Bay Ride !!

Pakaula Street

• What we'll do

** CUT OFF TIME TO JOIN THIS RIDE IS 9PM THE DAY BEFORE THE RIDE ***Please RSVP on Time..Mahalo !...........Start at the Side of Target…Pakaula St , between Target and Lowe’s.. in Kahului. Wrap around Hansen rd, Right on Omaopio rd and Up Pulehu rd. Head to Rice Park for a pit stop.

Head back down (37) Kula Hwy and Haleakala Hwy.

Left on Hana Hwy and Right on Kahului Beach rd. Work our way to Wailuku and head up towards Wailuku Heights.

Go towards and Left on North Kihei rd . Right on Maui Veterans Hwy towards Wailea/Makena..Left on Wailea Alanui road to Makena road and on to La Perouse Bay to check out the Beauty of the Lava Flows.

• What to bring
Great Attitude and a Smile !

• Important to know
Must RSVP Only 7 Motorcycles on this Ride ..

Honolua Bay Lookout ( Anniversary Ride- 4 Years )

Pakaula Street

** CUT OFF TIME TO JOIN THIS RIDE IS 9 PM THE DAY BEFORE THE RIDE ***Please RSVP on Time..Mahalo !...........Start at Pakaula Street and head towards Wailuku and Up by Old Wailuku Heights , back down and have a Rest stop at the Tropical Plantation. Head Out to Lahaina by taking the By Pass road and then continuing to Honolua Bay Lookout. We will Enjoy the Ride and the Views. Please make sure that you RSVP, All Members are Welcome on this Ride. Please RSVP.....Thanks !

• What to bring
Can bring water, sunscreen and a Full Tank of Gas !

• Important to know..

New Riders Safety Orientation Ride or ..** "Open Ride"

Pakaula Street

** CUT OFF TIME TO JOIN THIS RIDE IS 9 PM THE DAY BEFORE THE RIDE ***Please RSVP on Time..Mahalo !...........

The Purpose of this ride is to Hone our Skills and Help both our New Members, and those New to Riding with a Group. We spend some time learning how we ride as a Group and then go out and practice our skills. We could be in downtown traffic, and back roads maneuvering and learning how to Ride as a Group. This will be an Easy an Short Ride.....

We will Start and Meet between Target and Lowe's, Pakaula Street. If You are a Newer Rider...this is the Ride to get Started and Ride with a Group.

I want to Keep Scheduling this Monthly Ride for New Riders, However if there are No New Riders... **This can be an "Open Ride" for All Members that just want to Ride that Day. A Members Choice of where to Go at the Start !

• What to bring
Bring a Smile !

• Important to know
This Ride will be Limited to 7 Bikes and riders can have passengers . Please RSVP. Thanks

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