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Monthly Coffee Date
Join other Maverick Mama's for coffee and conversation. The village hub is a lovely spot in Woodside with an outside patio and plenty of space for conversation and mingling. NOTE: The Village Hub had a free guided meditation led by Pastor Ama at 9 AM. This is a wonderful way to get clarity on your vision if that is your thing.

The Village Hub

3154 Woodside Road · Woodside

What we're about

Are you a Maverick Mama?
You took a break from your career, or chose a different career path to take care of your kids or parents and you’re thinking about relaunching your career. The networks and women’s groups that were part of that other life feel awkward, often, involving corporate decor, catered hors d'oeuvres (OK those are yummy sometimes) and warm chardonnay. Everyone else seems like they have it all together, can roll off an elevator pitch with complete confidence and have the networking lingo nailed.

The purpose of this Meetup is to create a network of like-minded women who are thinking about or have turned their focus towards earning more while maintaining a sense of humor. You’ve been committed to learning and developing skills on all levels throughout the Mum years and now you plan on expanding your network, vision and accomplishments ... on your terms. Maverick Mama’s is a support circle focused on radical self care as the primary ingredient in discovering and refining the next stage whether that is re-establishing a career or re-inventing yourself as a mompreneur. Let go of the business-card-exchange tradition of networking. Let’s partner up and let loose a little while you stage your next professional move.

If you are a woman who is reinventing work and navigating that transition, you like to have fun with other women, and would like some support for the next chapter, then this group is for you.

What this group is for:
Create connection with other moms who are wondering if they are ready, or moms who are actively looking for work or the next phase in their lives.

Support from other women who are relaunching their careers or new projects
Have fun and practice building your network

Practice positioning yourself by talking well about yourself to other women who want to see you succeed

Meet new friends with common goals and similar requirements in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere that is inspiring, potentially educational and fun!

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