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Have you ever felt like a 5th wheel at a networking event? AWK-ward! You spend most of your time at the coffee table, right? So you look busy because you don’t know anyone to talk to? EmBARRassing! Did you feel like everyone was avoiding your eyes?

Do you feel like most of your networking groups ‘aren’t working’ for you?

Do you feel like all you do is collect cards and go for coffee with little to show for it?

Do you feel like your networking group is ‘cliquey’?

AND it's awkward to pitch your offer knowing you can’t afford theirs, so you can’t be fair and reciprocate but what ELSE are you suppose to do?

Then this is the group for you!

What you need is high impact strategies that get you Past the Awkwardness, build your confidence and connections!

Let’s get you powered up and Maxing the Results of your Networking Strategies!

Hello, and welcome to Max your Networking Mastermind!

My name is Esther Shelley, Acupuncturist, Clinic owner, in business since 2006, & opened a satellite office in Brantford in 2007. I operate Open Windows 2 Wellness-Allergy, Acupuncture & Anti-Aging Clinic, and Brantford Acupuncture Clinic on Tranquility St off of King George, and also have a side-focus as a Business Networking Coach.

I have a passion for networking, and a heart for small businesses because I AM ONE! I know what they need because I have worked through the same things! I focus on supporting small businesses that need to create local connections, clients and cash flow!

My Beef

Small businesses have unique needs that are not properly reflected in the packages and prices of marketing companies, so we get a bum rap. We can’t afford those higher prices if we don’t have multiple professionals bringing in cash flow to support that level of offer, so we are stuck.

No wonder a disproportionately large percentage of small businesses go under within 2 years. That needs to CHANGE!

JOIN US to build strong, impactful networking strategies to boost our visibility, build multiple connections, attract our best clients, & get that cash flow going! None of that happens without maxing out our visibility locally. Hello, Networking!

The first principle of success is to Take Responsibility for Your Own Results. No More Blame-game. It's not about the fact you had bad parents and no money, and it rained today . It's about what YOU can do. Take back your power, put on your adult panties let's do business together!

That’s what this group is all about. Getting really good at networking!

This is not a networking group, though in honesty, whenever businesses get together, networking just happens, right? It’s not our primary focus. Keep your other networking groups.

This is about giving you the option to learn strategies that could maximize your connections, clients and cash flow!

This is where you learn about what networking REALLY is, and get help figuring out how you can make that happen for you! Then put it to work in your networking group!

How this works:

One monthly meeting on a Saturday morning. If you have a location that works on a different day, let me know and it will be considered.

Periodic Tuesday night Optional meetings via zoom conference call in the comfort of your home or office. Don't tell us if you're wearing jammie bottoms. We don't need to know!

We also have a Facebook group for easier contact: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NetworkingMagicBrantford/

You can also find me here https://www.facebook.com/TheEstherShelley/

And here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/maxyourimpact/

Reach out to me as soon as you join! If you don't, I will!

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