What we're about

Professional Growth:

Directed towards helping one become finish material.


What is Professional Growth ?

First 16 - 22 Years of our life is essentially educating ourselves we call Academics or vertical growth in schools, colleges and universities. Post academics, a typical career of an individual spans 25-40 Years. Often we stop learning and enslave ourselves to our respective workplace's or organizations culture or practices good or not so good. Mentor-ship for "Professional Growth" is where i will attempt to provide the many channels that can be used for the purpose of post academic learning to foster horizontal growth. The sessions i take are relevant to profession, personal and spiritual or life growth. ]

Personal Growth:

Directed towards resolve internal conflict

Spiritual or Life Growth:

Directed towards achieving inner peace .

Personal Mentor-ship:

To those who want to get a path.. away from their relationship stress.

NB: The sessions are loosely bases on topics requested by community. Participation is invitation only.

you would require an email confirmation to attend the workshop.

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Personal Mentoring : Shooting Relationship Woes

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