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Dreaming Tree, Setting Intentions for 2019
Dreaming Tree Setting Intentions for 2019 An Intentional Creativity Workshop Uncovering Possibilities for a New Year This workshop is for those who would like to creatively welcome and embrace a new way to approach your year. Bring your imaginative ideas and dreams into focus and plan what you really would like to celebrate in your life. We will play, dream, anticipate and create images to help open our conscious selves to the fresh possibilities of our heart desires. NO Creative Experience Is Necessary! Wednesday, November 28th 10a-3p Your investment of just $65 covers your Full Day of Creativity, Supplies, Tea, Red Thread and Chocolate (of Course) For More information and to register, please call (503)[masked] IntentionalCreativity Practitioner and Facilitator Sepha Nisbet will lead you with creativity and compassion. Sepha is a Yamhill County Artist who is a Red Thread Traveler and shares creativity with those she meets as she travels. She is visiting us before going south again!

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Sepha, Nadya and Maestra Shiloh Sophia,

April 29, 2016.

What got you in trouble as a little girl, when being creative? Did you color outside the lines, or paint pink grass? Write on the wall, or color in a book? What if there was nothing you could do wrong? What if there were guidelines, but not "rules?" Are you a women who wants to support and encourage others?

Do you feel the call to explore who you are, and share your unique gifts? Imagine gathering with a tribe of women who seek access to their own internal guidance system through creativity. Imagine being part of the change you want to see. Imagine sending the critic out on an "important mission" while you are here!

Intentional Creativity is a process incorporating journaling, visualization, and painting and creativity to develop deeper self awareness. Though we create around a theme and have fun, these aren't your typical paint parties. Each painting or creative project will be as unique as the woman wielding the magic paintbrush!

"But I'm not creative?" Who on Earth told you that?? You can probably even hear their voice (we call them the critic)...Time to cross out that old story and write a new one! What story is burning to be told? Did you know Musés light Fuses? As we connect with our creative Musé (, our creativity lights up, and the stories begin to align with our true essence.

Our friend and fellow IC teacher Elizabeth Gibbons writes, "By creating with intention, we create a cosmic portal, a quantum field where we can explore our potential and possibilities. We shine the divine light of our higher self into the darkness of our shadow self. We are able to heal and integrate all aspects of our psyche and to access a miracle field, the space between the thoughts where our divine spark lives."

About your creativity guides:

• Nadya graduated in 2015 from the Color of Woman school, founded and directed by artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud, and is an Intentional Creativity (!biz/id/56a80688ec5a49f97b302d23) certified teacher and coach. She is also a Usui/Takata Reiki Master, and offers Red Thread Reiki sessions and classes. See Nadya's website for more information on classes, sessions and coaching. This is the slideshow ( from Nadya's graduating class.

• Sepha is working artist, a member of Currents Gallery (, and certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and coach, who graduated in 2016. See Sepha's website ( for more about her art and offerings.

Both of us are Intentional Creativity Foundation ( Members, and have Contemporary IC pieces on display at The Gallery at Ten ( We offer Red Thread Sessions, private coaching, Musé Days, painting workshops and retreats.

Firekeeper© Nadya King, 2015

The sisterhood will embrace, applaud, and celebrate you and the unique gifts you bring to share. We delve deep and shapeshift with laughter, connection, intentional creativity® (blessed with glitter, and a bit of dark chocolate!) Won't you join us?

Who lives in here? ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

What are you here to cause and create? ~ Shiloh Sophia

What ancient knowing lives within these hands? ~ Lenore Thomas Straus

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