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Help us create the proposed Boulder Meadowlark - Jumping Mouse Open Space - a remarkable ecosystem that is home to nesting song birds and raptors like the red-tailed hawk.


Boulder's Meadowlark - Jumping Mouse Open Space provides important wetlands habitat and is the feeding grounds for deer, black bear and moose. The globally and federally endangered Preble's Jumping Mouse calls this open space home.


At the proposed open space - enjoy hiking, cycling and bird watching.

Sadly this key habitat area is under threat by the University of Colorado that is seeking to bulldoze wetlands and rare riparian meadow habitat in order to build a thousand new condos, apartments and sport fields.

As a member of the Meadowlark - Jumping Mouse Open Space you'll help encourage the University of Colorado to do the right thing and build new facilities on existing CU parking lots rather than bulldozing critically important wetlands habitat.

Thank you for joining the Meadowlark Open Space Meetup.


Ken Beitel

Chair of Wilderness Conservation
proposed Meadowlark - Jumping Mouse Open Space

m. 720 436 2465
email: meadowlarkopenspace@gmail.com

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Introduction to the Self Expression and Leadership Course

Have you ever felt that you had the potential to create an extraordinaire life that you love? What if there was a class - that for real - that gave you the tools and ways of being to design and create a life that you are thrilled and passionate about? Here at the proposed Meadowlark Open Space we are committed that our meetup members are empowered and living amazing lives so that we can be a positive force of change in the community. Come join me and my 60 person awesome Self Expression and Leadership class members Weds Oct[masked] at 7pm at Landmark Education at 7pm. BTW that's me - Ken - in the blue shirt in the middle of the hiking pic. I'm smiling. You'll be at an introduction to the remarkable three day course - The Landmark Forum. Come learn how you can - for real - create a life you love and fulfill the goals and dreams that matter to you! Feel free to bring a friend or family member - this is good stuff. Call or text Ken at[masked] with any questions and ask for me when you arrive. I am committed that 5 people will have an opportunity to create a new life for themselves at this classroom :) More information at: https://www.landmarkworldwide.com

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