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Meaningful Change is a discussion based group designed to provide information and strategies, that people can use, to help make changes in their lives. We seek to give insight, inspiration and motivation through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Following the notion that the more information someone has, the better the decisions they can make.


Life is change. Wouldn't it be nice to get out ahead of it? To be pro-active instead of reactive? To speed up the process and make it more efficient? To wake up in the morning and be genuinely excited about what lies ahead? We want to give people a place and a space that they can use to see where they are currently and gather new information to best direct their efforts towards where they want to go.


Anyone and everyone. (unless of course you're completely happy, in which case I would recommend writing a book or starting a meetup group?) We welcome those who are, or are looking to become more pro-active, to create a higher awareness of themselves and engage their lives more fully. But regardless of whether you're just beginning or a well traveled soul, each themed event will hold something for you. This is precisely because it is about you and where you are on your journey.


Meetups will be online in a Q&A format. Depending on the size of the group breakout rooms may be started.


Like Mom said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Consideration and respect of others viewpoints and experiences. As well if you are rsvp'd and unable to make it, please ensure that you have removed yourself from the list to make room for others.

A couple links on the basics of change and known stages:



"You wouldn't have the dreams if you didn't have what it takes to fulfill them." -Marie Forleo

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Discipline: Beyond Motivation and Emotion

Needs a location

Creating Space: Staying Connected to Ourselves

Online event

Creating Space: Staying Connected to Ourselves

Online event

Trust: A Pillar of Peace

Online event

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