Authentic Mexican Dinner


Corn smut is a sort of mushroom that grows on corn. The consumption of corn smut originates from ancient Aztec ( cuisine and is still considered a delicacy ( in Mexico, even being preserved and sold for a significantly higher price than corn.

Want to try it?

Here is the menu that the owner has recommended to give a rounded meal with the opportunity to try many vegan options. Please note that there are other vegan options on the menu. Everything is made fresh on site, by hand.

•guacamole platter with tortilla chips

•cactus taco (medium size taco with with beans, cactus, cilantro and onion)

•half of huitlacoche (corn smut) quesadilla

•half of squash flower quesadilla

•refried beans

•mexican style rice

This meal is $18.50 for Earthsave members and $20.50 for non-members. Please note that it includes all charges, HST and tip. You don't need to bring cash to the restaurant. The entire meal is vegan.

With a HUGE sign on the restaurant indicating that it is vegetarian and vegan friendly, this restaurant deserves to be brought to your attention.

And how often do we go for Mexican food? I can tell you: never!

This restaurant is not Tex Mex. There are no chimichangas, no olives, this is authentic Mexican food.