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2018 NCIA Cannabis Business Summit
The NCIA conference is one of the largest, major canna business gatherings of the year. Over 1,500 speakers will be presenting. Andrea Unsworth, Lanese Martin, Virgil Grant to name a few. Over 7,500 attendees are expected. I'll be going, am particularly excited about 4 or 5 panel discussions. I included photos of some of the highlights. If you're thinking about going and have never been, if you questions message me. Maybe we can explore the conference together.

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This is the Cannabis Social Impact [CSI] Meetup. We plan social and political events and healing workshops. It's a variety of social interactions that rely on our organizer and members to propose ideas and take advantage of networks we have in the Bay Area. Esteban, the organizer, has been active in the medical cannabis community for several years. Mostly in the East Bay, but increasingly in SF. We are a sounding board & support network for social justice activists, community organizers, poc and allies who are looking to make social change in the industry. We get a lot of folks who are active in the field, but have been restricted to a certain segment. And are looking to be more social. To network, learn about upcoming laws, grow their career or company. We support all that. The more active you are coming to Meetups, the more likely you'll be in finding the people you're wanting to.

This is a semi-private group for several reasons. We require approval for all new members to make sure that we're getting active members who agree with the values of the group. We do require face pictures, because we're all about meeting the 2018 Prop 64 and MCCRSA requirements, and learning what it takes to be legal in the industry. Unfortunately we've had members who wanted to remain faceless and then troll members for quick sales. That's not what this group is for. When asked why people want to join, some people responded "tbd", or "to learn" or "wait to see" or "idK". We can't really grant you access for answers like that. Really take the time to answer questions. Have a face picture. Feel free to PM me ideas about what you would like to see from CSI. The best way to get inspired and network is in person. For those new to the Green Rush, they can be surprised to learn that the legal Cannabis market is one of the fastest in the United States, expected to surpass $6 billion in sales by the end of the year [According to business analyst Kris Krane.] The market could possibly double within the next year [ArcView report, 2016]. That's very rare. With so much opportunity, there is also risk. It's a great time for those driven and ready for a change to bring great skills from other industries into the new emerging market. It's a great time to learn quickly where you fit in and had to maximize your rewards. The group will hopefully be a great entryway for those looking to enter the industry, acquire business tools, and network. The organizer for the group is a graduate of Oaksterdam, a former glass blower, and experienced as a small indoor grower. In addition, Esteban is also a health coach, a chef, and community organizer. And starting his own cannabis business and believes there's room for all of us in this new market. Esteban is here to assist those seriously looking to work in the industry. But maybe you don't know where to start? Look at available local resources, group discussions, workshops, and meetups to cultivate your budding career. Hopefully we can co-create a community that is not all about the Green Rush. But instead is intentional about the cannabis culture we create. One that appreciates the plant, and the healing opportunities can result. And strive to be inclusive of female entrepreneurs, people of color, LGBT, and small growers and business owners who may feel threatened by Big Money entering the field. Over the coming weeks a lot of market data and resources will be posted, so stay tuned. As a member feel free to share your thoughts, knowledge and resources with the group, for the benefit of all. Please remember to be committed to your Meetup commitments. If someone cancels within two hours before an event it will be considered a no-show. Please keep your RSVPs up-to-date so that others can go if you're not able. And suggest meetup ideas you would like to see. Looking forward to meeting and growing together!

Also highly recommend obtaining a medical cannabis card if you can, some of the Bay Area cannabis events require it. Send a message if you need a recommendation for a doctor.

Here's a free download of the Executive Summary of The State of Legal Marijuana Markets - 4th Edition, by ArcView:

And a listing of local cannabis classes at Oaksterdam:

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