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*** This Presentation is for Seniors Turning 65 years Old looking for Education. This is not a Medicare or Sales Presentation ***

If you are turning 65 years old and you are bombarded with thousands of call, letters, unsolicited visits at home, there is a big chance that you are getting more confused as time goes by. The situation get more complex when you can't answer the following question: How does Medicare work?

Understanding how Medicare works is very simple and only takes 5 steps. If you have selected a plan (or you are about to select a plan) and you still don't understand how this benefit works, there is a big problem.

When you turn 65 you have two options: (a) exercise your Original Medicare Benefits or (b) selecting a private company as your Medicare Provider. Do you you know the difference? Do you know which option is best for you? Were you given this two options and you selected the best for you?

This Workshop will explain :
1. Part A & B (Original Medicare - Federally Regulated)
2. Part C (Medicare Advantage - Private Insurance) vs Medigap (Medicare Supplement - Federally Regulated)
3. Part D (Prescription Plan - Private Insurance)
4. Medicare Roledex - Most important 800-Numbers
5. How to Select an Agent (Broker vs. Captive)
6. How to deal with Telemarketers

*** This is not a Medicare Product or Company pitch. If further help is needed, please request our information or business card at the venue. ***

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