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Queer Hunters Circle
Hunting is a profound act of relationship. Many hetero families hunt and share the food. As queers, we have often been excluded from this ritual, through heteronormative assumptions about hunters, homophobia, and our urban queer communities. I would like to form a circle of queer hunters. We will go and hunt deer, grouse, etc on the land and share the experience and the food with our queer family. In this way, we will nourish our communities and our connection to the land. RSVP to this event if you're queer or an ally who is interested in nourishing our queer family thru hunting.

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What we're about

Medicine Journeys is a community of people from all walks of life
practising relationship with each other and the Earth.

* A different kind of outdoor group, held on unceded Coast Salish territory, in the Vancouver area
* Adventures on the land, to fall in love with wild places.

* Learning and participating in ecosystems through the ways of all our human ancestors:
* Improvised group singing and dancing, to build a spiritual connection to the land
* Foraging - greens, medicines, mushrooms, berries, roots
* Fishing for food - Trout, Salmon...
* Hunting for food - Grouse, Hare, Deer...
* Bushcraft and ancestral skills - camping with less gear and more connection.

* Respecting indigenous cultures while supporting settlers in our journeys back into relationship with the Earth
* Building a diverse community of folks with different skills and backgrounds
* Slowing down, taking pictures, singing, and enjoying the places we discover

* Mentoring the next generations of youth to develop a strong bond with Nature and one another
* Giving back through habitat restoration work
* Protecting ecosystems while receiving some sustenance from them - investment - accountability - integrity
* Preparing and sharing food with gratitude

*** Important *** We are committed to an authentic practice which draws on our own traditions. We are sensitive to the issue of cultural appropriation. We follow all laws and codes of ethics for wilderness travel, foraging, fishing, and hunting, to learn to steward wild places for future generations. Everyone participates at their own risk and only for activities for which they are sufficiently prepared.

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