MedXMakers: The Future of 3D Printing and Medicine

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Three dimensional printing has the potential to transform the design, research and implementation of new technologies in medicine.

MedXMakers, a new initiative from Medicine X will explore this emerging technology to help the scientific, maker, and patient communities realize its full potential to transform healthcare.

5PM - 6PM - Light refreshments and networking.

6PM - 7PM - Danny Cabrera, co-founder of BioBots, will discuss their biological 3D printer and strategies for regenerative medicine. Together, Michael Balzer and Pamela Shavaun Scott will discuss how he saved his wife Pamela’s eyesight by 3D printing her tumor. Eythor Bender, CEO of UNYQ, will discuss how his company uses 3D printing to personalize the prosthetic industry.

7PM - 8PM - Demonstrations from industry.


Danny Cabrera - Co-Founder, BioBots

Danny is a biohacker turned entrepreneur. He began working on the next generation of biofabrication tools after achieving first place in the iGEM competition for his work on new epigenetic engineering tools. He is building a future where biology is technology - beginning with bioprinted tissues constructed out of a patient's own cells on BioBot printers. After graduating from UPenn's computational biology program in 2014, Danny started BioBots with a college friend and fellow bioengineer. They bought a few Ikea desks and setup shop in a dorm room on top of a campus bar. Today BioBots is leading the biological revolution with the BioBot 1, and is bringing biofabrication tools into the hands of amazing people all around the world.

Michael Balzar - Founder and Producer, All Things 3D

Michael is the founder of 'slo 3D creators', a 3D print, scan, design and education studio located in San Luis Obispo, California. In providing services for those who need their ideas produced in tangible form, or existing tangible objects converted to a digital form, he works with students, artisans, engineers, architects, manufacturers, and inventors to take their ideas to next level.

He is also the producer of one of the very first podcast and now YouTube channel on 3D technology, with interviews, roundtable discussions, and a weekly news show with his associate & co-host Chris Kopack, founder of Parts Oven in Paso Robles. With an international audience, 'All Things 3D' has become the premier show on what is going on in 3D technology.

On a more heartfelt note, he is also working with the Shriner's children's burn center in Sacramento, California to provide them at no cost, a complete HD 3D scanning system based upon the Structure sensor and his proprietary '4eyes' lens system and app that runs on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch 5G.

Eythor Bender - CEO, UNYQ

Eythor Bender is an innovation and business leader applying exponential technologies to multiple industries. He is the co-founder and CEO of UNYQ, a company using 3D printing to bring personalization and fashion to the prosthetic and orthotic industry. He is also a Co-Founder of Fellow Robots that is reimagining the retail industry designing and creating robots in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies. Prior, he was the CEO of Ekso Bionics, where he and his team unveiled wearable robot Ekso, which enables wheelchair users to stand and walk. He has taken several companies from an R&D lab to a nimble commercial and publicly traded enterprises including Ossur, the Icelandic designer of non-invasive lower limb bionic technologies. Eythor is a frequent speaker at innovation and technology conference and is on the Faculty of Singularity University that has a mission to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

About MedXMakers:

MedXMakers is a new community of diverse problem solvers and solution seekers.

We embrace all healthcare stakeholders (healthcare professionals, medical educators, patients, and caregivers) and pledge to create a safe place for everyone to be part of a community where we can share our problems and dreams for a better healthcare world by co-creating together.

Our job is to unite healthcare stakeholders with those who might help co-create and co-birth solutions to these problems (designers, makers, 3D imagers, 3D printers, scientists, researchers, technologists, engineers). We also seek to engage those who have already created solutions for their own problems to share their knowledge with the broader MedXMaker community. We aim to foster an environment of collaboration, creation, and progress.

We believe in the open source maker movement and seek those who see potential for bringing that power to innovate solutions in medicine and healthcare. We believe in a community that embraces all stakeholders and creates a safe place for those who have problems to work with solution makers.

We believe the “making” process involves everyone.