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Peninsula Chapter of the SCA Meeting (Moot)
The Peninsula (north of the James River) chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) group, called the Barony of Tir-y-Don, meets once a month to discuss their upcoming events, fighter practices, arts and sciences classes/meetings, and other business. It's a good place to hear about activities you'd like to attend, mingle with other Middle Ages and Renaissance fans, and get tips about how to make clothing and other items of the period. The Business meeting is called a Moot, from the old Anglo-Saxon word for an assembly held for debate. Dress is casual (i.e., not medieval), and you don't have to be a member of either the SCA or this group (TMRG) to participate. When you arrive at Moot, ask for the Chatelaine - the person who is the SCA's welcoming committee for Newcomers. Or you can get in touch with the Chatelaine by email at [masked]. Tir-y-Don's web page is at

York County Public Library - Tabb

100 Long Green Boulevard · Yorktown, VA

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If you are interested in learning about the European Middle Ages and Renaissance time period (from the 600's to about 1600), activities, food, clothing, fighting, dancing, fencing, and so much more, this is the group for you. Our group encourages anyone from any walk of life to learn more about the history and activities of this fascinating time period in Europe by attending our Meetups. Feel free to suggest a meetup, and we'll schedule it! If you have questions about the group, just email the Organizer. To send email to the group, write to:

Tidewater Medieval/Renaissance Group is restricting our activities to Western Europe and our specific time frame in order to promote a cohesiveness that is sometimes not found in groups with broader time periods or geographical areas. One of our events may concentrate on England in the year 1100, and another event may choose Italy in 1450. We encourage everyone to try everything - we're like a smorgasbord!

As we grow, we'll ask everyone to help form our Meetup, decide on our rules, and suggest Meetups. For example, three immediate questions come to mind: What shall we call ourselves (TMRG members?)? Shall we have a logo? And, if so, who should design it?

Note that, although we may occasionally put events on our calendar that are sponsored by the local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) groups, we are not in any way associated with the SCA, and the SCA is not responsible for any Meetups or events we sponsor. You may, as individuals, attend any SCA event that is open to the public, but you must pay their event fees and obey their rules regarding clothing; i.e., you must make an attempt at wearing medieval or Renaissance clothing at an SCA event.

Please note that TMRG, itself, is *not* going to conduct fighting events. If you're looking specifically to participate in fighting, we very strongly encourage you to consider the SCA -- they are insured, have well-established fighting and safety rules, have fighter practices for training, and have fighting at almost all of their events.

Finally, our group is all about the fun parts of Medieval and Renaissance life. If you're not enjoying yourself, we'll help you!

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