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Meditation is the ultimate tool for well being on multiple levels , learning to relax the body mind through movement silent sitting and witnessing creates far reaching positive changes such as; emotional balance, mental clarity, increased creativity, inner calmness, and increased ability to face challenges This group is for anyone, beginners or advanced mediators interested in Mediation self exploration in line with the teaching of OSHO and ZEN, which combine dance movement or expression as a toll to relax the body mind and then enter periods of silence and witnessing. Members are invited to participate in the group events which take place monthly and to suggest or initiate their own events in this line.

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The essence series Turiya Hanover in Cape Town

​The heart of this work is the subtle energy system of the Sufis, called the 'Latifa' and the way it connects to in-depth western psychology. It functions as a pathway to understanding our essential nature and towards retrieving lost essential states such as will, strength, love, value, compassion, peace and joy. Yellow Essence The Yellow Latifa deepens the connection with the heart and is the Latifa of Joy, signified by the sun. It is also the Latifa of curiosity and innocence. When we look outside for what we need, for love, support and approval, we invariably encounter suffering, pain and frustration. Here we turn away from carrying the shame, guilt and depression that was in our family lines and turn towards the deep joy that lives inside us. Turiya Hanover has led personal development workshops & training's worldwide since 1973. She has been trained in Humanistic Psychology, Gestalt, Bio - Energetics, Psychodrama, Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing™, Ego Psychology, Family Constellation & the Enneagram. She is also the co-founder of Path of Love, and leads accredited trainings through her organisation Working with People. ​For more information, see her website: www.WorkingwithPeopleTrainings.com For further info and reservation contact Bettina [masked]

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