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Curious about mindfulness and meditation? Wondering if there is a difference between the two? Looking to carve out a little time for self-care, find more balance in a busy life or cope with stress, pain or illness? You are in the right place.

Meditation and mindfulness are time-tested and research-based methods for humans to cultivate clear, strong minds and open hearts, thus making our minds into allies in order to help us accomplish our aspirations with less anxiety, speed, confusion and stress. Mindfulness is a way of living and a skill that can be cultivated through formal meditation and other practices that bring our non-judgmental, compassionate awareness to our present experience.

We offer a variety of programs in mindfulness including weekly 60 minute drop-in classes, day and half-day retreats and multi-week classes. Our programs include instruction in mindfulness "sitting" meditation, mindful movement and yoga, walking meditation, and contemplative meditations on a range of topics to cultivate self-compassion, equanimity, resilience, insight and more.

In our classes you will:

• Find a supportive environment for first-time and long-term meditators
• Receive science-informed meditation instruction in a technique tested over
2,600 years
• Learn how mindfulness changes the brain and how to maximize positive change
to sharpen your mind and soften your heart
• Practice mindfulness meditation exercises in a group with guided support
• Access resources to support a home practice, including videos and readings
• Discuss the variety of experiences and questions in the group with a focus on
nonjudgmental listening
• Be inspired by the simplicity and power of these practices, gaining useful tools
to access increase confidence and relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety.

Check out the schedule at www.breathworkwellness.com
Or give us a call at 503-454-6996

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Anuloma Yoga

Mindful Self-Compassion Meditation

Anuloma Yoga


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